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Travel Favourites BIRTHDAY EDITION 2017!

Last month I had a fantastic time in Porto celebrating my very last birthday in my twenties (eek!) but on top of that I received some amazing travel themed presents from family and friends that I’m still obsessing over!

Here are my five favourites:

1) National Geographic- The Most Popular Instagram Photos

2) Vintage Map Passport Holder

3) The Ultimate Travel Planner Workbook

4) Locations Frame (sorry, homemade footsteppers!)

5) “I’m kind of a big deal on my blog” mug

Do you have any of these products? Do you love travel themed gifts for your birthday? Let me know in the comments below ?

About the author

Hi! I'm Mel a full-time Marketeer and part-time adventurer. I’m a British travel blogger who loves nothing more than immersing myself in different cultures and exploring new places. My goal is to inspire all of you office dwellers to follow your travel dreams whilst still working your 9-5.

  • Wiebke Siemering

    I havent but I would love the National Geographic book to get some inspiration :)

    • Mel

      Can’t go wrong with National Geographic ;)

  • I love the passport cover! I should really get one because my passports always get so beat up before they actually expire!

    • Mel

      Me too, my passport is so fancy teehee! It’ll keep it good as new for a bit longer :)

  • Ohhh that National Geographic book is probably one of the first things I would buy when I finally do settle down from nomad life!

    • Mel

      All you need now is the coffee table ;)

  • LOL I don’t have any of them – but your family obviously knows you well! Happy belated birthday

    • Mel

      Haha they certainly do! :)

  • Tamara Wilcox

    Fun gift ideas. Your friends and family are pretty thoughtful if they give you travel-related gifts! The mug was awesome!

    • Mel

      I know it’s so cute isn’t it? Love it! :)

  • Marlene Marques

    First of all: congratulations for your birthday! Hope you enjoyed Porto! (disclosure: I’m Portuguese!)
    Loved all your gifts, especially the National Geographic book. I’m gonna check it out for a gift… to myself! ;)

    • Mel

      Haha thanks Marlene! I adored Porto, I’ll be coming back to Portugal for sure! Definitely worth treating yourself ;)

  • Very thoughtful gifts for you! A belated happy birthday wish to you! May you travel more in this year! :)

    • Mel

      Thanks so much Ingrani! You too <3

  • Melody Pittman

    I do not but that Ultimate Travel Planner workbook certainly peaked my curiosity. Happy belated birthday and cheers to making the rest of your 20’s count!

    • Mel

      Thanks so much Melody! I’m certainly going to try making the last year count ;)

  • Buddy The Traveling Monkey

    I always love your videos! That was so sweet of everyone to get you such awesome gifts, especially that frame from your boyfriend. All the gifts were so thoughtful!

    • Mel

      Aw thank you honey <3 I know, bless him he's a good 'un :)

  • Carol

    Great ideas. I hope someone will give me a world map (fillable) for my new study room in our new house for my birthday!

    • Mel

      Us travel bloggers love anything with a map on ;)