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10 Awesome vegan travellers that you need to check out!

After spending the last four weeks on a “30 Day Vegan Challenge”, (with the unexpected result of deciding to stick with it and slowly transition onto a fully vegan lifestyle!), I decided to go in search of other vegan travellers that would inspire me to keep going and help me navigate being vegan on the road. These amazing bloggers all have their own unique story to tell and a whole lot of great advice, whether you’re a newbie (like me!) or have been a passionate vegan traveller for years, these guys have got you covered.

Here are 10 awesome vegan travellers you need to check out…

1) Stephanie from Big World Small Pockets

Big World Small Pockets was created to showcase the highs and lows of vegan budget travel. Creator, Stephanie loves nothing more than backpacking the world on a shoestring, collecting tips, advice and stories to share with a smile. Currently in the middle of a 12 month adventure around Australia in an old Land Rover, Stephanie can mostly be found living out of her roof top tent whilst exploring remote national parks and scouring the landscape for a decent almond milk coffee!

Here she shares 10 lessons learned from her eight month vegan road trip: http://www.bigworldsmallpockets.com/vegan-road-trip/.

2) Wanderlust Vegans

The Wanderlust Vegans are a Canadian couple who have spent the last two years living in Birmingham, England. They have been vegan for over seven years now and through their travel blog, enjoy sharing their experiences living a minimalistic, vegan lifestyle. They have travelled to over twenty countries and are keen to show that living a vegan lifestyle is attainable everywhere you go.

They write a fantastic series of Vegan City Guides to help travellers navigate new cities and find the best vegan food. Their post on my hometown of Liverpool is one of my favourites, who knew you could be so well fed as a vegan in scouseland? ?

3) Laura and Tanbay from Travelling Weasels and Vegan Vs Travel

Laura and Tanbay from Travelling Weasels have been travelling the world together full-time ever since they ‘weaselled their way out of the rat-race’ in 2013. Travel inspired them to become vegan and they have since set up a sister blog, Vegan Vs Travel to document the highs and lows of travelling vegan.

In their post, How Travel Made Me Vegan, they share travel experiences that changed the way they thought about food production and the way they ate forever. I couldn’t help but nod all the way through this post and experienced a similar thought process when I was confronted with some of the realities of how animal-based foods get to our plates.

4) Sam and Veren from Alternative Travelers

Sam and Veren are slow travellers from NYC, house sitting around the world and maintaining a plant-based lifestyle for environmental, health, and ethical reasons. They started their travel blog, Alternative Travelers to show that neither travelling nor eating vegan has to be expensive or difficult, no matter where you are.

On their blog, you’ll find vegan city guides, vegan cooking tips, cultural and off-beat travel stories, and advice on traveling on a budget. They are currently based in Madrid, Spain, which contrary to popular expectation, is very vegan-friendly!

Check out their Vegan Guide to Madrid for an insight into the city’s best vegan eateries.

5) Nadine from Le Long Weekend

Nadine is a semi-nomadic Kiwi currently living in France with her husband Julien and young son Arthur. On her travel blog, Le Long Weekend, she shares her love of slow travel, getting to know destinations in depth and exploring with a kid and dogs in tow! As a family, they love to uncover lesser-known attractions and destinations, but also enjoy bargain-hunting and splurging on a little luxury along the way.

Nadine has been vegetarian for most of her life, but in 2015, she and her family collectively decided that veganism sat better with their ethical beliefs. Since moving to France, Nadine hasn’t found it to be the easiest country to be a vegan, but even in the land of meat and cheese she is finding that things are very slowly changing for the better!

Nadine has an entire section of her blog dedicated to vegan travel but her Vegan Food Guide to Hamilton, New Zealand is one of her favourites and is a great place for any budding vegan thinking of heading to New Zealand for the first time.

6) Gabriela from Here and There

Full-time traveller and vegan, Gabriela is the blogger behind, Here and There, which focuses on solo, female and adventure travel, off the beaten path destinations, sustainable and responsible travel, vegan food and travel photography.

Gabriela is on a quest to visit every country in the world with the aim of inspiring others to travel by showcasing the beautiful destinations she visits along the way. She dedicates an entire section of her blog to helping others stay vegan on the road and in one of her recent posts shares her experience of a Vegan Food & Wine Tour in Cape Town.

7) Sanna from Vegan Cruiser

Sanna is a Finn living in Glasgow, Scotland and has had a love of cruise holidays from childhood. She has since got her partner hooked on them too and writes all about her vegan adventures at sea on her travel blog, Vegan Cruiser.

Sanna became vegan in February 2016 after watching climate change documentary, Cowspiracy on Netflix. It inspired her so much she decided to combine veganism with her love of cruises and start her own vegan travel blog. Through her blog, Sanna wants to show people that cruise lines cater for a range of diets and are a great way to mix fun, luxury and convenience whilst seeing many places over one holiday.

Sanna swears by the HappyCow mobile app and finds it helpful locating vegan treats on those occasions when the ships haven’t mastered vegan desserts. On a trip to Corfu last year, the app led to some amazing baklava and Sanna has written about all the yummy details in this review post.

8) Ashley from A Southern Gypsy

Ashley is the fabulous blogger behind A Southern Gypsy, a travel blog focusing on the outdoors, adventure, Nashville life and a vegan lifestyle.

When Ashley started her blog almost four years ago, she was nowhere near to being vegan. She was still a heavy meat and dairy consumer but has chosen to keep those older posts live on her website to show how possible it is for people to change.

Since turning vegan overnight a year ago, Ashley has never looked back. She has since grown extremely passionate and vocal about her new found lifestyle and used her existing platform to focus more on a vegan and cruelty-free lifestyle and responsible and ethical tourism (whilst still showcasing the best of the outdoor and adventure travel!).

One of her favourite things to do is find all the fantastic vegan options in her hometown of Nashville (the home of hot chicken and meat!) and in her Ultimate Vegan Guide to Nashville she gives readers the low down on the best vegan options in town.

9) Diana from Vegans, Baby and d travels ’round

Diana is the awesome blogger behind, d travels ’round, which focuses on her travels around the world. She incorporates a lot of animal rights discussions into her blog and is now beginning to write about being vegan whilst travelling.

Diana wasn’t vegan when she started travelling but after relocating to Chiang Mai, Thailand in 2012 to help out at an elephant rescue organisation, she saw pigs being trucked to slaughter and decided then to never eat meat again.

For four years, Diana was vegetarian and then in late 2015, whilst she was preparing to move back to the States after living in Thailand, London and Madrid (where jamon isn’t considered a meat, but a food group!) a friend suggested she use her PR, marketing, writing and blogging experience to launch a website geared towards being vegan in Las Vegas…and so Vegans, Baby was born!

In her Guide to Vegan-Friendly Coffee Shops in Las Vegas, she lists all the best places for vegans looking for a good ‘ol cuppa and a cake pit-stop.

10) Amélie from Mostly Amelie

Amélie from Canada founded Mostly Amélie, a blog about conscious living and health-minded vegan travel in 2014 after a quarter life crisis resulted in her buying a flight to Asia and never returning home! Before that, she lived in Montreal and had a day job as a graphic designer, a fancy apartment, a long-term relationship and a lot of stuff…but wasn’t happy. Amélie escaped for what she thought would be a few months, but it has now been over three years!

Amélie was already a vegan for four years when she started travelling across South East Asia and this became her favourite subject to discuss on the blog that she created for her trip. She noticed that there was an actual interest from people to hear about vegan food options in far flung and seemingly not-so-vegan-friendly destinations. That curiosity gave a direction to the blog and made it grow in a way Amélie never expected!

Now Amélie makes vegan food guides wherever she goes and recently did on a fantastic guide on Vegan Restaurants in Jerusalem.

…honourable mention…

Mel from Footsteps on the Globe (me!)

How could I write about vegan travellers and not include myself, eh Footsteppers?

If you’ve been following Footsteps on the Globe for the last few weeks, you’ll know that I recently took on a “30 Day Vegan Challenge” and after going into the challenge attempting to reset my bad food habits and see if I felt any healthier by cutting out dairy, I was truly surprised by the place I came out in at the end!

I honestly did this challenge as an experiment and I was so surprised and equally thrilled with the positive side effects that I have decided to stick to a predominately vegan diet with plans to slowly transition onto a fully vegan diet.

My next challenge is to see how to combine my love of travel with a vegan lifestyle, which thankfully for me, I know 10 awesome vegan travellers I can turn to for advice ?

For more on my “30 Day Vegan Challenge” you can check out my vegan vlog series on my YouTube channel and follow my ongoing progress on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

Tell me, are you a vegan? Or have experiences of travelling the world on a certain diet/lifestyle? Let me know in the comments below ?


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  • Danik Bates

    Great post and following all these bloggers! They are so amazing! VEGAN ROCKS! :) (but I am not vegan…yet)

    • Mel

      Well if you ever find yourself heading into a vegan diet, these bloggers are a great resource :)

  • Fascinating round-up. One of my contributors is vegan and she does have a challenge on some trips. But, good to see so many guides popping up

    • Mel

      That’s cool that she comes on the trip and is catered for. I have wondered about that in regards to bloggers trips especially if it is in a group?

  • Claudia Padgett

    As a vegan , I am so happy to see my fellow vegan travelers! So many great accounts here! I follow Travelling Weasels and i had not idea that they were vegan too! Our little family is vegan and sometimes it can be tough but its always possible!

    • Mel

      Yay! :D Always great to find out about more vegan travellers!

  • I am not a vegan yet but I believe vegans can save the world! May their tribe increase!
    Great knowing them all in one post.

    • Mel

      I felt like that when I watched vegucated and then cowspiracy went into more depth and I really didn’t make the connection between what I was eating and the effects on the planet but then it all made sense. Fascinating stuff.

  • Yaaaayyyy congrats Mel, that is so exciting! Also really nice to meet other vegan travel bloggers <3

    • Mel

      Yay definitely! :D x

  • Owl Over The World

    I’m not a vegan, but I can understand the struggle of keeping a certain food lifestyle while on the road. Nice idea of gathering all these vegan travel bloggers at one place.

    • Mel

      For sure! I stayed vegan after a 30 day challenge which only ended about 3 weeks ago but I will know shortly first hand what it’s like to be vegan on the road. Got my first trip abroad next month to Bali so I’m planning on reporting back!

  • Cat Lin

    What a great round-up of vegan bloggers! They are such an inspiration for people who want to adhere to their vegan lifestyle on the road!

    • Mel

      They are and it has been so fabulous getting to know them and their blogs. Such lovely, lovely people :)

  • Shout out to MIss Gabby! Good seeing her in this list. I had that pleasure of traveling with her breifly in Jordan and must say: I have no idea how you guys do it. Being vegan on the road seems so hard! I respect the lifestyle but I could never stop just walking up to a random food stall and say: “Feed me!” without knowing whether they serve meat, noodles, desert, or whatever.

    Happy continued travels & happy eating!

    • Mel

      Haha yes, she’s awesome! :D I live in a city so there are plenty of vegan options even in non-vegan food places but there is always something to eat, it may just be that one thing on the menu you can choose which sucks sometimes. I didn’t think I would stay vegan after my 30 day challenge but I felt so great by the end I just decided to stick with it :)

  • I just met a vegan traveller from Germany and he finds it challenging to go to places and find something to eat especially in Southeast Asia. I think I need to send him the link of this article.

    • Mel

      These vegan travel bloggers are a great resource, your friend will find plenty of help by checking out these awesome vegan travel blogs :)

  • Fernanda

    So good to see there are many vegan travellers out there!!!

    • Mel

      I know, I didn’t even know and I’m a part of the travel blogger community! It was so nice to get to know them and find new inspirational blogs to read now I’ve gone vegan.

  • Jennifer Dombrowski

    Wow, I had no idea there were so many vegan travelers. I assume it would be pretty hard to travel and be vegan.

    • Mel

      I know, I didn’t even know and I’m a part of the travel blogger community! I’ve only been vegan for a few weeks so far so I’ll be finding out soon how easy/difficult it is eek!

  • I recently went to a “FruitLuck” meetup in Central Park. I knew the people I met there were all plant based /vegan, but when several new friends suggested I watch “Earthlings”, I didn’t put 2 and 2 together. I just thought, “Cool, I love sci-fi!” and agreed to watch “that alien movie you guys mentioned” the next day. It was life altering. Thank you so much for this list; I intend to read each and every one of these blogs!!