Happy 1st birthday Footsteps on the Globe!

Well, well, well, look who’s turned a whole year old, my little blog, Footsteps on the Globe. It seems only yesterday I was hitting ‘publish’ on my first blog post after proof-reading and re-reading it over and over again, making sure it was perfect.

After setting up Footsteps on the Globe at the beginning of 2015, I started adding posts every week, eagerly preparing for the day I thought I had enough content on there so I could launch it. I was nervous to at first…what would my family and friends say? Would people think it was rubbish? But after dragging my heels for months and keeping the blog a well guarded secret, I officially launched Footsteps on the Globe at the end of April 2015 and I’m pleased to say it has gone from strength to strength.

Ok, I’ll admit I’m a little late to the blog birthday party here, so why now am I choosing to celebrate my blog birthday now you may ask? Well, honestly I’ve been so busy working and travelling that I’ve just not had chance to yet! But being so proud to still be in the blogosphere a year after launching my blog and finding one of my hobbies became one of my biggest passions, I couldn’t let the milestone pass without at least a little cheeky celebration ;)

It seems that a year has gone by in a flash and I can’t quite believe how much I’ve travelled whilst balancing a full-time job, this blog and a social life. In just a year I travelled to six countries, the UAE, Northern Ireland, the Netherlands, Wales, Spain and Iceland (not including of course all my travels around England during my weekends!). Not bad for a girl with limited annual leave and budget, eh?

First year blogging! copy

Despite always having a passion for travel, Footsteps on the Globe has pushed me to travel more than I ever thought possible. When I created this blog, I decided to make travelling a priority in my life because it makes me the happiest version of me I can be and here I am a year on, still loving it and bursting with all the travel goodies I’ve not shared with you all yet.

I want to thank all of you who have been on this journey with me, your kind comments and continual support mean the world to me. I hope through writing the blog I inspire you to reach your travel goals too no matter what you earn or what limited time you have.

Travel-themed office

As part of my celebrations for my first blog birthday I wanted to treat myself to a proper writing space so I didn’t have to occupy our kitchen table anymore! So, I kitted out my spare room and turned it into a travel-themed office. Here’s a sneak peek…

Wall map

I am so in love with this wall map! Aside from being the colourful crowing glory above my working space it’s so useful when I need to find somewhere (as maps tend to be useful for finding places but hey, this one is way cooler!). Best part? You literally stick it to the wall and you are good to go. I got mine from amazon from Amazon for £30 and was worth every single penny. Just make sure you get someone help stick it on so it doesn’t end up crooked.



In my flat it’s all wooden floors and oak-toned furniture so when choosing my desk I wanted something that was a little different. I needed something that had good storage but wasn’t going to take up too much space so after shopping around I found this little desk from IKEA for the bargain price of £60. It has two top drawers that I keep notebooks and filming equipment and a larger cupboard underneath to the side that I keep my growing collection of travel books.

Drawer two
Drawer number one


Book shelves


And what would any desk be without a personal touch? I invested in some rainbow post-it notes, a pineapple pen holder and some scented pens, all from accessorise to add a splash of colour (and for less than £15 to boot).


I also treated myself to some map coasters, a travel-quote mouse mat and a plant…well, a groot I wouldn’t have any trouble keeping alive at least!

Mouse mat

Big thanks to you for reading this blog, I hope you enjoy it! Here’s to many more years of adventure and wanderlust!…

Mel x

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