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Top 10 Blogging tips from #BlogAtTheBeach

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Last weekend I had the pleasure of being invited to Icelolly.com’s annual blogger event, Blog at the Beach. It’s only the second year that Icelolly.com have hosted the event, but it came back even bigger and better this year!

In addition to the Mexican themed day with Mariachi band and more margaritas than we could shake a piñata stick at, we were treated to three fabulous talks on different blogging topics. I’m a firm believer that sharing is caring so I’ll let you in on some of those blogging secrets ;)

Here are my top 10 blogging tips from #BlogAtTheBeach…

1) Be conscious of what you share online

My girl, Kirsten from the Kooky Traveller was the first talk of the day and she spoke to us about protecting our brand and reputation; predominately by being conscious of what we share online in terms of personal details. This can be a problem for bloggers as we naturally share a lot about ourselves through our blogs and social media channels so she suggested, keeping personal details offline when possible (such as mobile numbers, addresses etc.) and verifying people before we connect with them when using personal accounts.


2) Have ‘Terms’ and ‘Privacy’ tabs on your blog

Terms are basically the ‘rules’ stipulated by the blogger for use of the site by readers including, copyright of content and use of external links. Privacy is about clarifying to readers how personal data may be collected/used through things like, Google Analytics and cookies. The Terms and Privacy conditions protect the blogger as well as the reader in legal terms. Make sense?

Just in case!…For more information on this, check out Kirsten’s ‘Terms’ and ‘Privacy’ and you may understand better than I can explain!

3) Double check if you are accidentally breaking the law by taking the test

The Accident Outlaw Test is an online test that sets out different scenarios to determine whether you are breaking any UK-based laws via your social media channels or blog. It asks nine questions relating to twitter, Facebook, uploading, music and blogging. Make your way through the questions and at the end you will be given a score, with an explanation on the current law regarding these online platforms and if you have accidentally broken any!

4) Use the simplest equipment when you start to vlog 

The second talk of the day was by Mi from the Vlog Academy. As a professional film maker, she advised when starting out, not to blow loads of cash on expensive equipment that may end up gathering dust if you decide vlogging isn’t for you. Instead, start with the basics: a smart phone (which you more than likely already have), a selfie stick, lapel mic you can plug straight into your phone instantly better sound and a mini tripod.

All these items can be found for less than £10 each on amazon (a part from the smart phone obv!), which makes it all that easier to start vlogging without putting a hole in your pocket.


5) Body language is key to making a good video

I knew that body language played a big role when making a video but I was blown away by the official stats that we were told: a good video is 55% body language, 38% tone of voice and only 7% what you say…7%! Talk to the camera as you would a friend to make you feel more relaxed so you can let your true personality shine.

6) Keep videos to 3 minutes or less for optimal results

This is a rule I always try to keep to but can be difficult when an intro and outtro can take up to a minute of that time! In these situations I always go with what I know I like and realistically I won’t watch anything over 5 minutes unless it is a YouTuber that I really love and regularly watch. For new vloggers trying to grow their audience, three minutes or less is an optimal time to get your point across whilst still keeping the audience’s attention.

7) Be a friend to your audience

The last talk of the day was by Sabina from Girl vs Globe, talking about how to grow our social media following. As a full-time, professional travel blogger who has amassed over 100,000 followers across her social media channels in just over two years, she knows what she’s talking about!

Her first tip was to be a friend to your audience through writing in a personal way, letting your personality shine through in your posts and addressing readers individually instead of as a group. You want to make readers feel like you are talking to them directly as it makes them feel like you are writing just for them.


8) Inspire your audience by being the example

Inspire your audience by setting an amazing example of a life well-lived by doing fun and interesting things. Create original, shareable and motivating content along with some kick ass photography to inspire your audience and improve engagement.

9) Be a guide to your readers 

Don’t just be an example, explain how your lifestyle and experiences are accessible to your readers with ‘how to’ guides and tools for following in your footsteps. Sharing your wisdom and being as transparent and open as possible will encourage your readers to live out their travel dreams (and also give you a nice warm fuzzy feeling inside too!).

10) Collaborate with other travel bloggers 

This is something I have yet to do but is really important for bloggers to connect with each other, share audiences and offer readers different travel perspectives.

Many thanks to the team at Icelolly.com for inviting me to this year’s #BlogAtTheBeach event, I had an awesome time!

So what is your favourite blogging tip from Blog at the Beach? Have you got any go-to blogging tips to share? Let me know below :)

Mel x



For more on Blog at the Beach, check out fun clips from the day in my video, ‘5 Things I LOVED about #BlogAtTheBeach’…

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