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7 reasons why you should visit Brighton this weekend

7 reasons why you should visit Brighton this weekend

Brighton is such a fun, exciting and colourful place to spend a weekend, everything you could possibly want can be found in Brighton whether it be food, partying, culture, history or sea air, Brighton has it with gusto! Not convinced? Here are 7 reasons why you should visit Brighton like, right now. 

1) The delicious food

OMG the food. Brighton is a foodie paradise with family run restaurants making meals from scratch and quirky cafes where you can indulge in homemade soup or tea and cake. You can read all about my food tour of Brighton here if fancy getting all the delicious details.

The Food

2) Funky street art

Street Art

Brighton is a really quirky and arty place. You feel it from the minute you’re in Brighton and start making your way through the tiny streets. Every corner has it’s own story to tell and you really get to know Brighton through how artists have expressed themselves.

Banksy’s ‘Kissing Policeman’ once adorned the wall of a pub near Brighton station (the original was sold but a replica still exists) and top European graffiti artists are soon to visit the city to create new artwork on the hoardings at the site of the forthcoming i360 viewing tower (due to open in 2015). You can find the best places to see Brighton’s street art here.

3) Beach and seafront

Beach and Seafront Brighton

Ah, the great British seaside. The day I visited it was overcast and windy but the fresh air is great no matter what the weather (of course we draw the line if it’s lashing it down). The pier and seafront are a lovely walk too with a small funfair and the famous candy coloured beach huts at the end of the beach. Indulge in all the British classics, rock, 99s, candy dummies and penny sweets and if the weather’s nice you may even get a bit of sunbathing done too, result.

4) Vintage shopping

Vintage Shopping

There is lots of great shopping in Brighton both high street and independent. The vintage scene is massive though so don’t miss out! Even if you’re not in the market for vintage stuff it’s really cool just having a look around because the items you find are so rare or can’t be found anywhere else. Snoopers Paradise was a personal favourite of mine where I found the hats and vintage cameras pictured above.

A particular point of interest is Brighton’s North Laine shopping area, a bohemian bustle of criss-cross streets in the heart of the cultural quarter of the city. It’s home to 300 unique shops in less than half a square mile, the largest selection of independent retailers on the South Coast.

5) Victorian architecture

The Pavillion Brighton

A lovely peek into Brighton’s past, the Victorian architecture dotted around the city is a snapshot of it’s victorian seaside roots. The Royal Pavilion in particular is stunning, built in an Indian style by the then Prince George in 1815, it is an instantly recognisable symbol of Brighton. There is also a museum with a wide collection of artefacts and lush gardens you can take a stroll through, you may even feel a little Victorian yourself by the time you get through it!

6) Festivals

Brighton Festivals

Photo sources: www.brighton-pride.org, www.businessinbrighton.org.uk and blogs.ft.com

Brighton Festival, Brighton Fringe, Arts Open Houses, Gay Pride, Brighton Chocolate Festival and VegFest UK are just some of the many festivals that Brighton hosts on a regular basis. Festivals range from everything from food, art and culture to fashion, horticulture and music. Check out the Visit Brighton website for a full list of festivals taking place every month, there’s lots to see and do.

7) Nightlife

Brighton Nightlife

Photo sources: www.brightonculture.co.uk, www.brightonvisitor.com and www.visitbrighton.com

Brighton has a reputation for having one of the best night’s out in the UK and it’s hard not to see why when you get there. Bars, night clubs, pubs you name it Brighton will keep you entertained well into the night. If at any point you want a change of scenery, you’re spoilt for choice within walking distance which is great news if you’ve had a few!

Brighton also boasts one of the best gay scenes in the country, based around the Kemp Town district with the main focus being St. James Street and the seafront gay venues just to the east of the Brighton’s famous pier. Both the LBGT and straight communities are found seamlessly mixing right across the city so you’re guaranteed a great night out in Brighton wherever you land.

Have you ever been to Brighton? What did you love most about it? Comment below :)

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