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Chocolate Heaven at Choccywoccydoodah

Chocolate Heaven at Choccywoccydoodah

In the seaside town of Brighton is the most magical chocolate shop on Earth, ChoccywoccydoodahIt stands in a little corner amongst a string of small alleyways of boutique stores absolutely filled to the rafters of people most of the day. 

A part from the crowds outside the shop (which is always a good sign when you’ve decided to pick somewhere for afternoon tea), it’s quite inconspicuous and small inside. It comes as a surprise that they accommodate requests from a plethora of celebrity clients. Kylie Minogue celebrated one birthday with a chocolate cake dominated by the Green Fairy she played in Moulin Rouge. Boy George, Elton John and Simon Cowell have also ordered bespoke cakes from the famous chocolatiers. With such star power it’s amazing that the shop has remained modest in its humble roots in Brighton, despite at one time having it’s own TV series on the Really Channel and still fulfilling over, 7,500 cake orders every year.

They even made a huge Pirates Of The Caribbean-themed chocolate bar for Johnny Depp when his film was nominated for an Oscar. It was so detailed, that when they flew it to Paris to present to him it couldn’t be entrusted to the baggage hold and was given its own seat on the plane! But it’s all in a day’s work for the team at Choccywoccydoodah, who specialise in creating designs which are truly unique and at times a little odd….

Wizard of Oz Cake Choccywockydoodah

Follow the yellow brick road: The shop pays homage to the classic 1939 film, The Wizard of Oz starring Judy Garland

Puppy Cake Choccywockydoodah

Kitson Cake Choccywockydoodah

Sign Cake Choccywockydoodah

Dark Cake Choccywockydoodah

Tree Cake Choccywockdoodah copie

But Choccywoccydoodah does far more than just make bespoke cakes for celebs, they also have a tea room upstairs with cakes with solid chocolate icing. After reading rave reviews, we thought that Choccywoccydoodah would be perfect for afternoon tea on our last day in Brighton and we weren’t disappointed!

Cakes Choccywockydoodah

White Chocolate Cake Choccywoccydoodah

White Chocolate Cake with Turkish Delight pieces, yummy!

Me and Tam Choccywockydoodah

In a chocolate coma after our tea and cake

From the minute you walk in to Choccywoccydoodah you know in an instant that it isn’t like any other chocolate makers. It’s not a chain or corporation, the chocolate creations inside have been a labour of love. The shop has got an interesting history too. The idea behind Choccywoccydoodah was to open it next to a cafe owned by business partners Christine Garrett and Christine Taylor. Originally to be named, The Chocolate Factory; it wasn’t until the pair got wasted on a bottle of gin before they decided, ‘Choccywoccydoodah’ was a much more fun name and they haven’t looked back since!

For these maverick chocolatiers, their goal is to create the most fantastical chocolate creations which makes them so different from any other chocolate shop. The recipes have been handed down over three generations which is the secret technique for their chocolate sculptures, some of which featured in Tim Burton’s Charlie And The Chocolate Factory…just incase you needed another reason to go, pfft!

So if you’re looking for a lovely little place to have afternoon tea or want to pick up some awesome chocolate creations in all shapes and sizes, look no further; this isn’t just any chocolatier, this is Choccywoccydoodah.

Have you ever been to Choccywoccydoodah? Or have you had a similar experience somewhere else? Please do recommend!

Mel x

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