GUIDE TO VEGAN PARIS: Where to eat on a day trip to Paris

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GUIDE TO VEGAN PARIS: Where to eat on a day trip to the French capital

Food is such an integral part of French culture that UNESCO even declared their way of eating an “Intangible Cultural Heritage” in 2010! France are famous for their decadent pastries, mature cheese and meats. However this can be a bit problematic if you’re vegan! But don’t worry, with this guide to vegan Paris, you’ll find veganised versions of all your favourite French delicacies, including: croissants, croque madame, pain au chocolat, French onion soup, ‘beef’ stews and crème brûlée. Enjoy! 😋

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Breakfast of the Gods: Parisian pastries!

France are famous for their excellence in pastry making and it would be a CRIME for you not to have a traditional French breakfast whilst you’re visiting Paris!

I recommend you start any day in Paris by indulging in some delicious, fresh buttery pastries.

Mel holding croissants in Land and Monkeys bakery in Paris

Wherever you’re staying, I guarantee you’ll find a patisserie within a five minute walk away. They’re THAT much a part of French culture!

However, for my vegan travellers I’d recommend the amazing vegan bakery, Land and Monkeys.

They sell a HUGE range of vegan baked goodies. These include a variety of croissants, pain au chocolat and croque madam. As well as a range of baguettes and special organic and naturally leavened breads.

Mel holding a paper bag of pastries up outside Land and Monkeys bakery in paris

During my visit I couldn’t actually decide what pastries I wanted as I’d never seen so many vegan choices!

So I decided to get one of each pastry to try, including: a pain au chocolat, almond croissant, jam-filled croustade and a croque monsieur.

The vegan ham on the croque monsieur was a little rubbery but the melted cheese and fresh crusty bread were great. The other pastries however were magnifique – fresh, flakey and wonderfully buttery!

Anything that tastes better than the real thing is when vegan food excels in my book!

Mel pulling a part a pain au chocolat at Land and Monkeys
Pain au chocolat and croque monsieur
Hand holding an almond croissant at Land and Monkeys in Paris
Almond croissant

Land and Monkeys also sell desserts such as cookies, cakes and tarts. All without milk or eggs, but with allll the taste and texture!

I saved this delicious ooey gooey vegan caramel cookie (below) which I saved for the Eurostar on the way home!

Large cookie with caramel sauce in a Land and Monkeys bakery box in Paris
Vegan caramel cookie


86 Boulevard Beaumarchais, 750011

Opening times:

-Monday and Tuesday: 7:30am-8pm

-Wednesday: 12pm-8pm

-Thursday: Closed

-Friday and Saturday: 7:30am-8pm

-Sunday: 8am-5pm

Lunch: Zia Paris Cafe by the Eiffel Tower

Zia Paris Cafe is a fantastic, small family-owned Parisian restaurant and coffee shop – only 15 minutes walk from the Eiffel Tower.

Think: fresh produce, vibrant flavours and good vibes!

Mel wearing blue overalls and cutting into avocado on toast in Zia Cafe Paris

It’s a great place to have breakfast, lunch or brunch as it’s so central and has some super tasty vegan options, including: granola, fruit and oat milk yoghurt and avocado toast with lime and cucumber.

The menu is small but if you double check with the servers they’ll be able to tell you which options can be veganised as well. They’re also really friendly and don’t mind you trying to speak in broken french to them!

I loved this cafe because it has a really chilled atmosphere with a minimalist yet modern aesthetic and the food of course is excellent and very much made with love!

The avocado toast isn’t just any “smashed avocado” on bread. The in-house chef (and owner) uses deliciously thick slices of “pain d’antan” bread and adds dashes of tahini, lime, shavings of cucumber and a seasonal side salad to add a little zhuzh.

The cafe is a wonderful additional to vegan Paris and a handy pit stop right in the city centre.

Avocado toast up close at Zia Paris Cafe with shreds of cucumber on top and a salad


22 Avenue de Tourville, Paris 75007

Opening times:

-Monday to Friday: 10am – 3pm

-Saturday and Sunday: 9am – 4pm

Dinner: A traditional Parisian menu – with a vegan twist!

During my time in Paris I found that there wasn’t a lot of restaurants that offered many vegetarian or vegan options for a sit-down evening meal, but there are a handful of vegan and vegetarian restaurants that are excellent.

For dinner I recommend the vegan restaurant, Le Potager Du Marais. They serve veganised versions of all the best French cuisine, so you get a taste for the culture without having to compromise on quality.

They have been adapting traditional French cuisine in a vegan style since 2003 – so it’s one of the “OG” vegan restaurants in Paris with all produce bought from organic and fair trade farms.

After a full day of getting to know Paris, I hope your bellies are rumbling because you are going to want to have three courses with the amount of choice available at Le Potager Du Marais!

For starters I recommend the French onion soup. It’s made with a rich broth, caramelised onions and topped with a melty vegan cheese top layer over sliced baguette.

Other options include: mushroom pâté, chickpea puree, vegetable plate and artichoke cream.

Casserole dish with vegan onion soup in it with a layer of vegan melted cheese on top at vegan restaurant le Potager du marais

For mains, the buckwheat pancake stuffed with leek fondu, the spinach-walnut lasagna with melted vegan cheese and the seitan stew with red wine and mushrooms are amazing vegan French alternatives.

Just look at that crispy triple cooked potato below – NOMS!

There are plenty of other creative vegan main options to choose from though, including: walnut seitan roast with green pepper cognac sauce and pink lentils with smoked tofu, fresh seaweed and fennel.

Seitan "beef" stew with mushrooms and triple cooked potato at vegan restaurant le Potager du marais
“Beef” Stew
Mel smiling holding up a fork of food sat outside Le Potager du Marais wearing a red dress and a white t-shirt
Buckwheat pancakes

There’s also half a page of desserts on the menu that are a mixture of French classics. These classics include: crème brûlée and chocolate mousse as well as apple pie, red berry crumble and a selection of cakes.

The apple pie is really juicy with a delicious moist apple filling and soft, buttery crust. The whipped cream and fruit added a lovely fresh top that complimented the pie perfectly!

Vegan apple pie with a side of whipped cream and raspberries
Apple pie with creme

The crème brûlée was my favourite though. It’s SO rare to find a vegan crème brûlée as it’s a bit of a faff to make so restaurants that aren’t specifically vegan don’t tend to bother. So when you find it on a dessert menu in the very country that made it famous, you know you’ve got to try it!

And friends, let me tell you – it’s everything you would expect from an exquisitely made crème brûlée in the centre of Paris!

With a deliciously, creamy, vanilla bean custard base, topped with a layer of hardened caramelised sugar. My mouth just filled with saliva as I typed that…

Spoon pulling vegan custard through a caramelised topping Crème Brûlée dessert
Crème brûlée

We really enjoyed the relaxed vibe of Le Potager Du Marais. Its traditionally French decor and outdoor street set up makes you feel right at home in Paris.


26 rue Saint Paul, Paris, 75004

Opening times:

-Monday: Closed

-Tuesday: Closed

-Wednesday to Sunday: 12pm – 3pm and 7pm –10:30 pm

Which food would you like to try most in vegan Paris? Put your recommendations below! 😃

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