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Top 10 things to do in Kefalonia

Top 10 things to do in Kefalonia

As the largest of the Ionian Islands off the coast of Greece, Kefalonia offers travellers true paradise with an array of beaches set against the bluest seas in Europe. Dramatic mountain landscapes and pine forests serve as a backdrop to fishing villages with traditional taverns and candy-coloured Venetian buildings. After shooting to fame in the Hollywood blockbuster Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, Kefalonians have never looked back, welcoming tourists and paradise seekers the world over. After visiting this lesser-known gem in Greece’s crown in August last year I’ve compiled my list of ‘Top 10 Things to Do in Kefalonia’ to help you navigate this beautiful island.

1) See wild Loggerhead Turtles in Argostoli Bay

As the Capital of this small island, Argostoli has lots to offer including restaurants, bars and knick knack shops galore but best of all, Argostoli Bay is home to Loggerhead Turtles! Roughly between 9am and 11am every morning the turtles patrol Argostoli Bay waiting for fisherman to discard any fish they can’t sell. Being inches away from them in their natural habitat is well worth the early start, you won’t get that at the Zoo! You can read all about my experience with the turtles here.

Loggerhead Turtles in Argostoli Bay

2) Take a gondola ride over Melissani Lake

This breath-taking underground Lake wasn’t discovered until 1951 after an earthquake shook the cave and collapsed the roof, leaving a massive hole in the ceiling. Hop on a boat and let a guide steer you through the electric-blue waters, you may even get a song, Greek style! (We got, “Just one Cornetto”, it was brilliant!). To find out more about Melissani Lake click here.

Melissani Cave

3) Explore Drogarati Caves

The caves are only 40 minutes drive from Argostoli and are a truly fascinating place to visit. Situated 120 metres above sea level at a depth of 95 metres, these caverns are more than 150 million years old (and seeing as dinosaurs were extinct 65 million years ago their longevity is pretty impressive!). Make your way down the stone steps and you’ll arrive in a chilly, floodlit cavern filled with twisting stalagmites and stalactites formed over thousands of years.

Drogarati Caves

4) Spend an afternoon in Fiskardo

Known as the St Tropez of Greece, Fiskardo was once a booming fishing town. As the fishing industry has diminished, Fiskardo has reinvented itself as an A-lister’s playground even the likes of Demi Moore and Jon Bon Jovi have been spotted here! The rich and famous aside, it’s Fiskardo’s beauty and history that attracts people here, it mostly escaped the 1953 earthquake so many candy-coloured Venetian buildings draped in bougainvillea are still there.

Fun Fact: In 2006 a Roman-era grave complex was found in Fiskardo filled with gold jewellery, glass, clay pots and bronze artifacts. It is so well preserved the 2000 year old door still swings open on its stone pivots!


5) Go on a Sun Cruise

There are many varieties of boat trips you can take in Kefalonia however the glass-bottom boat trips get top marks. As well as being able to see right to the bottom of Kefalonia’s crystal clear seas whilst on your way, the day includes snorkeling, lunch and afternoon water sports on a deserted beach and karaoke on the way back to Argostoli Bay!

Sun Cruise Kefalonia

6) Sea Kayaking

The perfect opportunity to have some ‘activity’ on your trip whilst still experiencing sun, sea and sand (especially those of you that are cautious of losing valuable sunbathing time). The calm waters of the Ionian Islands are the perfect place for sea kayaking and give you a unique view of the island through a series of caves and remote beaches accessible only by sea. If you’re not keen on paddling, make sure you get yourself into a double kayak and get your fellow traveller to help you along, anyone up for a #kayakselfie? ;)

Sea Kayaking Kefalonia

7) Island hop

The joys of going to Kefalonia is leaving Kefalonia! Island hopping around the Ionian Islands is not only quick, but cheap too. A return Ferry from Argostoli to Lixouri costs only €6 per person (approx. £4) and run every half an hour. But it’s not just Lixouri, you can go to Ithaca, Lefkas and Zakynthos to name just a few! Perfect for a day trip if you’re pushed for time on your trip.

Island Hopping in Kefalonia

8) Sunbathe on Myrtos Beach

You’ll probably recognise Myrtos Beach as soon as you see it – it’s one of the most photographed beaches in Europe, and had a starring role in the hit film, Captain Corelli’s Mandolin (as locals will keep reminding you). The beach is made up of smooth white pebbles and crystal clear waters backed by beautiful limestone cliffs. Definitely the best beach on the island so it’s well worth a visit, if it’s good enough for Hollywood it’s good enough for us travellers I say.

Myrtos Beach, Kefalonia

9) Agia Efimia

If you’re looking for a quieter less crowded alternative to Fiskardo, Agia Efimia is the place to go. It’s a traditional fishing village on the East coast of Kefalonia centred on a small harbour, which really gives you a feel of the old country. Although less popular than Fiskcardo, the people here are much more laid back and you can take a stroll down the harbour, have a nice quiet meal and drink without worrying about a bus load of tourists disrupting your peaceful lunch.

Agia Efimia

10) Visit a traditional Greek Restaurant

It may sound like a no-brainer whilst you’re visiting a Greek Island however because Kefalonia receives the majority of its income from tourism they cater heavily for the European palette, meaning there is a variety of food choices but not so much Greek! This is where you need to go off road a little and find out where the locals go to eat. After all, you can’t go to Greece and not have an authentic Greek cuisine experience!

Greek food

Have you ever been to Kefalonia or any other Greek islands? What did you love most about your experience? Comment below :)
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