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My Iceland travel plans (Plus! Special announcement)

After entering the Transun competition and unfortunately losing out, I decided, sod it, I’m going to Iceland anyway! The following week I was in Flight Centre booking flights and decided to embark on the adventures I had been fantasising about ever since I had hit publish on my competition entry. I may not have won the competition but I’m a firm believer in making your own dreams come true so here I am five months on and raring to go on my Iceland adventures! Here’s what I have in store…

The “Plan”

Day 1: Reykjavik and the Northern Lights

I land in Iceland’s capital city, Reykjavik at 8.30am which will allow a full day of exploration to get my bearings. Undecided whether to take a bus tour or not but would be a great start to the trip to see a full swing of the city and find out where all the major stops are including, Reykjavik City Museum.


Beautiful Reykjavik

In the evening I’ll be going on a Northern Lights tour. Now, the lights of course are not an assured thing (being nature n’ all!) but I’m so looking forward to getting to see Iceland in all her twilight glory. I wouldn’t even mind if I didn’t see the lights as being out underneath those stars will make me happy enough! The tour lasts between three and five hours so I’m bound to see something (fingers crossed).


Aurora Borealis aka “The Northern Lights”

Day 2: The Blue Lagoon

Rising at a fairly decent time for a spot of breakfast, I’ll be heading off to the Blue Lagoon at 10am for a little relaxation and pampering. For those of you that are unfamiliar with the Blue Lagoon, it is a geothermal pool that although is natural, was formed during an operation at the nearby geothermal power plant. The warm waters are rich in minerals like silica and sulfur which have healing properties. It is one of the 25 wonders of world so it must be good! I’ll find out more and get back to you peeps ;)


Day 3: Whale Watching

This is a very special day as I’m going to be doing something that has been on my bucket list since day dot, Whale Watching. The various types of whales that are spotted on Iceland’s coastline are Minke Whales, White-beaked Dolphins, Harbor Porpoises and Killer Whales. I’m sure I won’t be encountering them all in one day, but! Bobbing along the coastline there is plenty more to see on the way including, colonies of Puffins and various other sea life. It’ll also be cool to get a different perspective on Reykjavik from the sea too.


Day 4: A tour of the Golden Circle

This full day tour will see us heading out of the city and exploring some of Iceland’s best known natural phenomenas. Visiting Nesjavellir Power Plant situated on the picturesque landscape of Lake Pingvallavatn, Gullfoss Waterfall and heading towards the spouting hot springs of Geyser and Stoker. On our way back into Reykjavik we will also have a photo stop by the colourful volcanic crater Kerio and continue through the agricultural areas through the tiny horticultural village of Hverageroi. I’ll have to have my camera ready for those hot springs!


Strokkur Geyser

Day 5: Free day

My final day has been left free just incase there is anything last minute that I want to see or visit.

Day 6: Last day

Unfortunately this will be my final day in Iceland and after having an early breakfast, the car will arrive to pick me up for my flight back to Manchester at around 7am *major sad face*.

Oh! But just one last thing before you go…

Special announcement

So that’s it, five fun-filled days in Iceland vlogging and generally getting up to no good ;) Have you ever been to Iceland? Do you have any recommendations from planning a trip to Iceland? Or if you haven’t been to Iceland is there anything you’d like to see me cover on the blog? Comment below :)

Mel x

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