ICE BAR London Review (the ‘coolest’ drinking spot in London!)

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ICE BAR London Review (the ‘coolest’ drinking spot in London!)

Positively the coolest place (pun intended) to spend an evening in London, especially during summer time! But ICE BAR London is much more than just vodka on the ice rocks…

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Welcome to ICE BAR London – a sub-zero drinking experience

Arriving prompt for our time slot (undoubtedly a first for the Jones family) and into what can only be described as a space suit crossed with a pleather hooded poncho, we stepped into a giant freezer.

I didn’t know whether to order a drink or check the back for a giant tub of Ben and Jerry’s!

The room is kept at a constant -5C and everything (and I mean everything) is made of ice. From the tables that you sit at to the glasses you drink your cocktails from. It felt like being in a grown up version of Narnia but with less snow and more alcohol!

Welcome sign at Ice Bar London
Main bar in Ice Bar London lit up in blue with a person in a hooded snow jacket waiting to be served

Innovative designs

At the time of my visit there was a food theme going on so there were giant pineapple and cupcake sculptures (of course!) as well as different food etched into the walls, like hotdogs.

Hotdog etched into ice at Ice bar London
Blue cupcake ice sculpture at Ice Bar London

Once a year, the entire bar is completely transformed with a new design and layout by a team of skilled ice designers and sculptors. How literally cool to design ice for a living, right?

With each new design, the sculptors build on the tradition of innovation and style for which ICE BAR London has now become famous.

Not only that, but the ice used for the designs and layout of the room is from the Torne River in Northern Sweden, a source which has long been highly regarded for its unique purity.

Blue frozen pineapple sculpture

Cocktails with a twist

But what about those cocktails I hear you say? Well! They’re served in tumblers made of ice and feature some of your favourite spirits, including vodka, gin, rum, bourbon and tequila.

There are also upgrades for those of you who are a bit fancy schmancy and want to have a champagne cocktail with various liqueurs and fruit combinations.

The most popular (and some of our favourites) were the vodka cocktails. Here’s a selection from the menu to give you an idea.

Even better, all Absolut products are ‘absolutely’ vegan, so enjoy vegan friends!

  • Tropical sensation: Absolut Blue Vodka, blueberry liqueur, tropical fruit juice, lemon Juice and strawberry syrup
  • Double vision: Absolut Blue Vodka, apple puree, passion fruit juice and lemon juice
  • Li’L Tart: Absolut Citron Vodka, pink grapefruit liqueur, cranberry juice, lemon juice and orange bitters
  • Prime Mover: Absolut Vanilla Vodka, blueberry liqueur, apple juice and cinnamon syrup

Thirsty yet? 😉

Cheers-ing with ice glasses

More information

Drinking slots are in 40 minute windows and book up fast, so make sure you’re ahead of the game by reserving your tickets at least a couple of weeks in advance.

Tickets cost £16.50 per person which gets you 40 minutes inside ICE BAR London and a free cocktail.

You can buy more drinks whilst you’re in there but the number of rounds depends on how much you can drink in 40 minutes. Consider yourselves challenged friends!

Overall my family and I loved it! We had drinks outside in the sun as we were waiting for our time slot and had the option to have dinner afterwards in the upstairs restaurant and lounge if we were hungry afterwards.

For only £16.50 it’s a bargain for a quirky drinking experience and a fun photo op.

Have you ever been to an Ice Bar anywhere in the world? Let me know in the comment below! 😊

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