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Touring Dubai on the HONDA Gold Wing Tricycle

It’s quite an unnerving feeling heading down Dubai’s busiest highway at 120 kilometers per hour, your eyes are darting from left to right observing people going insane speeds in their beasty 4×4’s, slicing through four lanes of a nine lane highway without indicating and even reversing up the hard shoulder after missing their turn off.

But today? Today was different. Today I was open to the elements on the back of a HONDA Gold Wing 1800 tricycle. I hasten to add that I have never been on the back of any form of motorcycle let alone heading down Sheikh Zayed Road on the back of one! But Flybike Dubai offer that and more in their positively unique tour experience.

The Motorbike’s allow you to get up close and personal to the best tourist spots in Dubai whilst taking in the many sights and sounds whilst you go from point to point. We had a bespoke two hours tour that took us outside the world famous Burj Al Arab and Jumeirah Beach Hotel, The Atlantis Hotel and Beach Resort on Palm Island and the Burj Khalifa Tower (the tallest building in the world). But there are many tours you can choose from including: Down Town Dubai, Jumeirah, Old and New Dubai and Dubai Marina, both day and night.


Outside the Atlantis Hotel on Palm Island


Taking the driving seat (I wish!)


Looking out from Palm Island


Burj Khalifa

What made this sight seeing experience so unique was the fact that Flybike Dubai are still relatively unknown. Cruising down the Emirates Road close from Abu Dubai, myself and the other ‘bikers’ found our selves the centre of attention with passengers in other cars knocking on their windows, waving and taking pictures…not your average sightseeing tour!

Once we stopped at each tour spot to have a look and take our pictures, people who hadn’t paid for an experience took the liberty of hijacking ours to get their own pictures next to the bikes. One bike enthusiast even asked my boyfriend to pose next to the bike with him, to which Nathan cordially agreed and smiled politely for the man’s photo. This was the only downside to the tour and one that sadly could not be avoided, however cemented in my mind that I would be a rubbish celebrity.


Some unwanted yet hilariously adorable attention

Be warned, this is not a ‘guided’ tour but a tour ‘experience’. Aside from being told where you are going to next on your journey, you won’t be finding out historical information or general facts about the places you visit. Having said that, you won’t mind or even notice with the exceptional perspective you are getting of such an amazing city.

Flybike Dubai offer an exhilarating ‘out-of-the-box’ tour experience that will leave you smiling from ear to ear and with prices starting from £60 including a ride back to your accommodation and a free DVD of you on your experience you won’t regret it.

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