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3 Reasons why Bandung, Indonesia could be your (and my!) next dream destination

For a traveller, there is no greater pleasure than finding out about new, fascinating and exotic destinations that you have never heard of before. In fact, it’s probably a big part of why I have stacks of travel magazines and scrapbooks full of inspirational collages of faraway destinations that I’m planning to make part of my future adventure plans!

Bandung was one of those places that recently came to my attention. As someone who has yet to explore Indonesia, Bandung had not been on my radar, which is what made searching every detail about it that more exciting! I searched its history, its natural highlights, culture and things to do, to find out what made this part of Indonesia so special.

Here are 3 reasons why Bandung could be your (and my!) next dream destination.

1) The beautiful natural phenomenas

Whether it’s trekking through the rainforest to dip your toes in the breathtaking Maribaya waterfall, walk across the live crater of the Tangkuban Perahu volcano, hike up Mount Pasigit to the mouth of the Pawon Caves or simply take a relaxing boat ride along the lake at Situ Bagendit, Bandung has a wide variety of beautiful natural phenomenas to suit every type of nature lover.


Tangkuban Perahu Volcano crater- photo credit: dany13

2) Traditional street markets

Street markets (and shopping!) are a big part of Bandung culture and have been for centuries within the area for locals but in recent decades amongst tourists looking for a bargain. The traditional street markets are a haven for travellers looking to take home authentic local products made with traditional craftsmanship such as handcarved Indonesian puppets, bamboo instruments like the Angklung, vibrant textiles and fashion products.

If you’d rather stay central to the shopping scene, the Padma Hotel Bandung is a beautiful 5 star hotel set against a luscious hillside only minutes away from Bandung’s vibrant city centre and a fantastic stay option whilst travelling through Indonesia. For more information find out here.  


Traditional Indonesian puppets- photo credit: micro.cosmic

3) Unique historical and cultural heritage

Bandung is considered a major and culturally significant hub in Indonesia, not only is it the third largest city in the country by population, with over 2.4 million people living there, but its history can be dated all the way back to the 7th century! Artefacts such as a throne and ancient weapons have been found at Situs Karangkamulyan from one of Indonesia’s earliest Kingdoms, the Galuh Kingdom. Other fascinating archeological finds can be also be found on display in Bandung’s Museum Geologi including ancient human remains found in the Pawon Caves in Mount Pasigit.


Photo Credit: AQanta S Sutarjo 

Other significant cultural influences include that of Dutch colonies that settled in Indonesia in the 1800s, using the fertile landscape to plant tea. Tea has since become a traditional and popular beverage in Bandung and the plantations within the West Java province that Bandung lies in are a wonderful reminder of its rich historical and cultural heritage.


Photo credit: Dhamd

If you’re looking for a unique travelling experience combining some of the best in Indonesian history, culture and extraordinary natural phenomenas, Bandung is a great place to start (and is definitely a new addition to my list of future travel destinations!).

Have you ever visited Bandung or nearby areas in Indonesia? If not, what would you love to see first? Let me know in the comments below :)

Mel x



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