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5 ways Back to the Future inspired a generation of travellers

If you’re anything like me (i.e a ma-hoooo-sive Back of the Future fan), you’ll know that today is the day that Marty McFly travels into the future in part two. Yes, 21st October 2015, Marty travels with Doc Brown in the DeLorean to a time where we longer need roads, ties for our shoes or keys to open our front doors. I, like many have been totally swept up in Marty McFly mania today and I am so nostalgic! As I write this I am watching part two and thinking how pumped I am for my next adventure which got me to thinking…how much did Back to the Future influence a generation of youngsters who went on to become the next travel junkies?

Here are five ways I think Back to the Future inspired a generation of *travellers…

*time ;)

1) The epic adventures


An unassuming somewhat hapless high school student forms an unlikely friendship with a kooky old scientist and goes galavanting through time to break the future, make the future, break the future, make the future (you get the idea!) how cool is that?! It is a journey that every young wannabe traveller dreamed they could emulate and one that secretly as fully fledged travel-addicts we’d love to experience.

2) The futuristic transport


Something that all travellers dream of…an innovative way to get from A to B in a flash! But Back to the Future take it to a whole other level. Who wouldn’t exchange walking for a go on a hoverboard or being stuck in traffic jam for a flying car? Someone once said, “it’s not the destination, it’s the journey that counts”, well clearly they weren’t on a packed commuter train sat next to someone who is allergic to soap. Give me the flying car any day! Whether then or now who wouldn’t also want to put that mattel hoverboard of their Christmas list??

3) The time travel

Time travel

Everyone loves a time-travelling tale and Back to the Future delivers with gusto! What traveller hasn’t been somewhere extraordinary and thought, “I would love to have seen this place 100 years ago” or wondered what possibilities lay in the future for technological advances and travel opportunities? Time travel may still seem far-fetched even today but it would be the most epic travel experience!

4) The fearlessness


One of the biggest inspirations watching Back to the Future is the utter fearlessness that Doc Brown and Marty McFly show. Whether it’s accelerating to 88mph in what is effectively a prototype time machine or jumping from a speeding train in the old west, it hits a cord with travellers that love the adrenaline rush. Whether bungy jumping over a gorge or jumping out a plane, most travellers watch Back to the Future wishing they could be in the DeLorean with Doc Brown and Marty McFly on their way back to the future.

5) The endless possibilities…

The endless possibilities

If Back to the Future taught us anything it is that anything is possible. Part two may have only been made in 1989 but the film-makers made some pretty accurate predictions such as, video calling, flat-screen TVs and tablets. It also taught us that we determine our own destinies with every action and decision we make. In the words of Doc Brown, “your future is whatever you make it, so make it a good one”, a motto that every traveller holds close to their heart as they hit the road again in search of their next great adventure.

Did Back to the Future inspire you in anyway? How did you celebrate Back to the Future day? I’d love to hear about it below :)

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