Top 10 adrenaline activities that thrill-seeking travellers will love

Top 10 adrenaline activities that thrill seeking travellers will love pinerest image

Top 10 adrenaline activities that thrill-seeking travellers will love

There’s nothing like the rush that comes from adrenaline activities like extreme sports! Every traveller has their own unique bucket list with unforgettable experiences.

But this list of adrenaline activities is especially for you ultimate thrill-seeking travellers! Find out more on what to do and where to go in this top 10 adrenaline activities list!

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1) Skydive over Palm Island

Coming in strong at number one is of course – skydiving!

It’s a staple on every adrenaline junkie traveller’s bucket list…and for good reason. It’s one of the greatest thrills you will ever experience in your LIFE!

But the question isn’t should you skydive, it’s where you should skydive. As anyone who has skydived before will tell you, it’s all about location, location, location.

One of the most unique skydives in the world is Skydive Dubai, where you jump at 13,000 feet above the iconic man-made, Palm Island. It’s one hell of a backdrop for your jump and makes for an amazing souvenir picture!

Not only are the views STUNNING, the weather is always fabulous in Dubai. As most people will tell you, weather conditions factor heavily in whether you jump or not on the day. Without the risk of rain and erratic winds, Dubai is also your safest bet!

If you’re not quite ready to skydive over Palm Island though you can always treat yourself to an equally awesome James Bond type experience and go by helicopter (it’s so much fun!).

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Man tandem skydiving over Palm Island in Dubai

2) Zipline in Snowdonia National Park

Not only is Snowdonia National Park home to one of the most beautiful mountains in the world, it also has one of the most extreme zip lines of all-time!

With a vertical drop of almost 700 feet over the course of a mile, it’s one of the world’s steepest, tallest and longest zip lines in the world. But more importantly for you adrenaline junkies, it’s also the FASTEST with top speeds of up to 100mph!

But that’s not all Snowdonia National Park has to offer…

Nearby there is kayaking on Lyn Padarn where you’ll see amazing views of Snowdonia’s mountain ranges and remains of the Welsh slate mining era and 12th century castle. Or you can take on the big beauty herself and hike to the summit of Snowdon with a local mountain guide.

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3) Dive with sharks in Gansbaai

One of my favourite adrenaline activities (and definitely on my own bucket list) is diving with sharks!

Ever since I saw Jaws as a kid (not sure how I got that past the ‘rents), I’ve been fascinated with sharks, particularly the infamous great whites.

But in recent years, I’ve been less keen on cage diving with great whites and more interested in having an up-close shark encounter swimming alongside the giant but majestic whale sharks.

Seeing that one in a million clip of a great white shark breaking into a cage with a research biologist during Shark Week may have done it!

Luckily, there are several places you can do both! But the best place in the world to spot them is the tiny South African settlement (and unofficial great white capital of the world!) Gansbaai.

It’s 100 miles South-West of Cape Town and a place that has found a lucrative niche in the world of animal encounters.

But whether you’d rather come face to face with a great white through the bars of a cage or glide along with the immense whale shark, both experiences will get your heart racing and leave you smiling from ear to ear!

Man taking a selfie under the sea with two whale sharks swimming behind him

4) Hang glide over Rio de Janeiro  

Hang gliding is one of the most exhilarating experiences on the planet! And compared to paragliding, it’s more streamlined, meaning you can reach much faster flight speeds.

It’s also SUCH good fun – especially in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil!

Rio is renowned for having one of the most stunning and varied cityscapes in the world. With a range of juxtaposing sights such as mountains, beaches, a rainforest and of course – Christ the Redeemer!

Best thing yet though – whilst hang gliding you get right up close and personal with this incredible wonder of the world.

Rio de Janeiro skyline with Christ the Redeemers on top of a cliff seen from afar

5) Wing walk 

At first glance, wing walking seems CRAZY doesn’t it? It’s like skydiving, only you’re not ‘diving’ out of the plane – you’re strapped to the wing as it flies between 100 and 700 feet at 135 mph!

It’s the ultimate in thrill-seeking excitement and is hard to beat in terms of adrenaline!

Definitely an activity for the reckless daredevil in all of us and can be done all over the world.

Two people wing walking on white boeing stearman planes
Photo credit

6) Bungee jump over the Nevis Valley

Similarly to skydiving – bungee jumping is the ultimate thrill. You may not be jumping from a plane but you will be jumping from a minimum height of 230 feet.

You could argue that jumping from this height is more daunting though because you have a better view of what’s below – and it seems awfully close!

Not to mention you don’t have the comfort of jumping with someone more experienced strapped to you like tandem skydiving!

If that’s not enough to get your heart pumping, how about taking it up a notch and bungee jumping in Nevis Valley in New Zealand?

The Nevis jump is not for the faint hearted. It’s New Zealand’s highest bungee and the third highest in the world.

You jump from 440 feet, experiencing a freefall of 8.5 seconds in a blitz of fear and adrenaline!

Man bungee jumping up close with his arms out over a river and trees

7) BASE jump over the Angel Falls

BASE jumping is an extreme sport that people have been enjoying for hundreds of years.

But it’s really gained in popularity over recent decades after Michael Pelkey and Brian Schubert jumped from El Capitan in Yosemite National Park in 1966 using ram-air parachutes and the freefall tracking technique.

But with so many incredible natural landscapes and man-made structures to jump from – where’s the most epic spot to jump from? Look no further than Angel Falls in Venezuela!

Rising over 3,000 feet from bottom to top, the Angel Falls in Venezuela is the highest waterfall in the world and is an utterly breathtaking place.

But this jump comes with a slight caveat – you have to do a bit of trekking through the jungle to get to it! Rest assured though, tour operators and professional jumpers are available to help settle your nerves along the way before you take the leap.

…If you dare of course! 😉

Angel Falls in Venezuela
Photo credit

8) Rock climb in Yosemite Park

Rock climbing may not seem as much of an ‘extreme’ sport as others on this top 10 adrenaline activities list. But it’s a rare sport in which you can make the experience as ‘extreme’ as you like. Which really ups the fear factor!

And you can’t get more extreme than Yosemite Park in California!

Yosemite is considered to be the home of rock climbing as its renowned in adventurer circles for having some of the greatest climbs in the world.

The park offers an endless variety of challenges for passionate adventure seekers, including the famous Half Dome at an elevation of almost 9,000 feet!

The different challenges, excitement and adrenaline rushes are what makes rock climbing so popular and nowhere is more beautiful and challenging for travellers than Yosemite.

It’s also just a really special place to visit. I went back in 2007 as a teenager and to this day it’s still one of the most stunning national parks I’ve ever been to.

Rock climber from above climbing the side of a cliff in Yosemite with trees below

9) Surf in Dungeons, Cape Town 

Similarly to rock climbing, you don’t immediately think of surfing as being ‘extreme’. But if you subscribe to this line of thinking, you’re not surfing in the right places! 😉

Cape Town is well-known for great surfing. But its Dungeons, located at the foot of Sentinel Mountain, just off the coast of Hout Bay that really makes surfing an extreme sport.

The beach is only accessible via a 15 minute boat ride from Hout Bay Harbour. But it’s well worth the trip!

It’s home to one of the world’s biggest surfing competitions where surfers can find themselves riding waves as high as 60 feet!

Full disclaimer though: These are some seriously treacherous waves and the water here is renowned for its shark sightings (many just feet away from the shore!). So only advanced and experienced surfers are recommended to take it on.

View of a surfer riding a curved wave taken from under the wave

10) Cliff dive off the South Point Cliffs

Cliff diving is an extreme sport that people have been enjoying for hundreds of years. Yet it’s probably the least complicated extreme sport – which is why it’s become so popular!

There’s no equipment to buy, special clothing to wear or services you need to fork out for. It’s just you, the cliff and your raw nerves!

There are many incredible places you can go cliff diving. But one of the most special and original cliff diving locations is Hawaii.

During the reign of the Hawaiian King Kahekili in the 1770s, cliff diving was a means for men to prove their courage and loyalty. But now? It’s just great fun for today’s fearless adrenaline junkies!

Man cliff jumping into a rough sea in Hawaii

Which of these adrenaline activities will you be adding to your bucket list? 😄

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