Top 10 things to do on an all inclusive holiday (no matter where you go!)

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Top 10 things to do on an all inclusive holiday (no matter where you go!)

All inclusive holidays are a fantastic way of taking the stress out of holiday planning. If you’re looking for a hassle-free holiday that supplies you with all the free food, drink and pool time you need – opting for an all inclusive break is the way to go!

But it’s equally as important to make the most of any holiday destination with activities and outings that will make your trip unforgettable (alongside your all inclusive comforts!).

Here are top 10 things to do on an all inclusive holiday (no matter where you go!).

1) Try some watersports

I know the idea of exercising whilst you’re relaxing on an all inclusive holiday seems to be a bit of a juxtaposition – but they are easily one of the most fun things to do on an all inclusive holiday!

Watersports are such a great way to get a full body workout without going to the gym and are something we don’t usually have such convenient access to whilst we’re at home.

It’s also so much fun to get stuck into a new activity whilst your on holiday and will just give you more license to knock back those daiquiris and piña coladas afterwards!

There are so many watersports to choose from too, including: kayaking, paddle boarding, wind surfing, scuba diving, surfing, jet skiing…the list goes on!

Better yet, you’ll likely have all of these watersports already available for you to try on your all inclusive resort, so you don’t even have to venture out of the hotel complex if you don’t want to!

If you’re looking for more adrenaline activity ideas whilst travelling, check out my top 10 adrenaline activities that thrill-seeking travellers will love.

Blonde girl scuba diving up to a coral reef

2) Take a tour

My first all inclusive holiday was to Kefalonia in Greece and this choice was very intentional. I only had a week of leave to take at the end of this particular summer and the main mission was to relax.

But like most holiday goers – after a couple of days of unwinding and enjoying some sunshine I wanted to get off my sun lounger and go exploring! Yet I was equally wary of beginning to pack the rest of the week full of activities when I was supposed to be resting!

If you’re in the same situation, I would suggest booking a couple of days’ worth of activities in-between pool and beach time. I did this whilst visiting Kefalonia to strike a balance which included an afternoon tour taking us to visit the island’s greatest hits.

We drove over the island’s most beautiful mountains, explored ancient caves and spent some time at a beautiful Roman port. We had an incredible time and it only took half a day!

For help with tour bookings I highly recommend Viator (which is one of my favourite tour providers) as they do a range of tours designed for every budget. No matter how remote the place or random a tour/ activity – I always manage to find something on Viator.

Get Your Guide is also a go-to of mine as they offer fabulous and unique travel experiences of their own. If I don’t use one, I’ll always book with the other!

However, I would double check before you book your trip to see what sort of tours your travel company offer, as you may get tours or day trips already in your all inclusive package.

Melissani Lake in Kefalonia with boats on top of the water

3) Enjoy some downtime at the beach

It may seem like an obvious one: “relax on the beach whilst on holiday”. But in reality some all inclusive resorts don’t offer beach access so many people don’t end up bothering to venture out of their hotel complex to go spend a day at the beach.

But for me, the beach far surpasses the poolside! It’s less busy, there are fewer screaming children and most importantly: you won’t be woken up from your lovely sun-soaked afternoon nap by a canon ball splash!

There’s also nothing like listening to the sound of the waves crashing on a beach. There’s something so relaxing about putting your feet in the warm sand and sea.

The change of scenery (even on an all inclusive holiday!) will also do you wonders.

two girls sunbathing on the beach facing the sea lying on colourful beach towels with beer bottles in the sand

4) Go on a day trip

As with taking tours on an all inclusive holiday, I would double check if any day trips are offered as part of your package before you leave to save you a little dollah dollah. You’ll sometimes find that places can also fill up if you wait until you get there to book.

But if your all inclusive package doesn’t include any excursions I highly recommend Viator and Get Your Guide for day trips as well as tours.

Boat trips are one of my favourite ways to get another view of a destination whilst still enjoying the sunshine and relaxation.

On my all inclusive trip to Kefalonia I took a boat trip island-hopping which included: snorkelling, a bbq lunch, karaoke and limbo – it was SO much fun!

Drone shot of a white boat in the ocean and people swimming nearby

5) Try out local food

What’s the point in going all inclusive if you’re going to go out and pay for dinner I hear you say? The joys of trying truly authentic local cuisine I tell you! 😉

There’s nothing better than a holiday package that includes free food and drink if you’re looking to relax and take away any worry of expense whilst you’re on holiday.

But the disadvantage of this is that you won’t get to try authentic local food and likely end up eating the same thing over and over again at your resort.

All inclusive resorts largely offer westernised food options and usually have the same rotation of dishes. You’ll also find that these options are narrowed down further if you have special dietary requirements such as if you’re vegetarian, vegan or gluten/ dairy intolerant.

Now of course this isn’t always the case but will depend on how much you pay for your holiday package and is just something to be aware when researching all inclusive packages.

But even if it’s just for one night, it’s well worth asking a local for recommendations on places to get a true taste of where you’re staying and get you out of the resort for a night!

Mel sat in a traditional Middle Eastern restaurant outside in Dubai having hummus and pitta breads with arabic coffee

6) Go souvenir shopping

I don’t know about you, but I’m not a big lover of shopping, even when I’m on holiday! But I am fully on board if we’re on a scouting mission through local markets and boutiques to find the most unusual and wonderful souvenirs to bring home!

I personally love the hustle and bustle of a market and haggling for the best price. It’s a great way to experience the different sights and sounds of the local towns and see another side of your destination too.

My all-time favourite keepsakes from trips I’ve taken include: hand-painted Russian dolls from Moscow, colourful Middle Eastern lamps from Dubai, a decorative parasol from Hoi An and a painting by a local artist in Bali.

They are all reminders filling my home with wonderful travel memories. ❤️

Mel looking at colourful hanging lanterns in a souvenir shop

7) Experience the nightlife

I know, I know – why go outside of your resort when you have unlimited alcohol as part of your all inclusive holiday package? Which is fabulous when drinking abroad can cost you a small fortune!

But all inclusive packages don’t always include evening entertainment so it’s worth heading out to explore the nightlife after a day of relaxation.

There will be SO many awesome local bars and clubs that you’ll be gutted to miss out on if you don’t venture out of your resort for at least one night to experience the flip side of local culture through their nightlife.

Nightclub crowd with a dj in the background and red strobe lights flashing in the club

8) Visit the local historical sites

If a tour or day trip don’t take your fancy, there are still plenty of things to do on an all inclusive holiday where you can get to know your destination.

If you prefer to explore at your own leisure instead of taking part in something organised, have a wander down into the local town and check out the historical sites.

Whether it’s ancient ruins, historical buildings or artefact museums, every destination has a unique heritage and story behind it.

Greek temple ruins at sunset

9) Go to see a show

I absolutely love going to see all different types of shows whether I’m at home or abroad! But there is something about seeing a show when you’re visiting a country you’ve never been before that allows you to truly escape in the artistry.

Whether that be a theatre show, a concert, a musical or something alternative (*insert whatever your curious mind desires!), I highly recommend checking out local show listings to give you the opportunity to experience how different cultures entertain and dazzle audiences.

Performer on a dark stage spinning amongst smoke

10) Go exploring by foot

If you’re looking to keep things casual and relaxed, one of the easiest things to do on an all inclusive holiday is just go exploring by foot.

You can do this through a free walking tour organised by locals or head off from your resort and just see what you find!

If you go exploring at your own leisure, you’ll also be more aware of your surroundings than travelling by car or being distracted by a guide’s voice on a tour.

Mel stood in front of Mel's Cafe sign in Kefalonia
Exploring Kefalonia by foot – I found a local cafe named after me ;)

I hope this list of top things to do on an all inclusive holiday keeps you occupied and helps you make the most of your trip! Is there anything you love to do on all inclusive holidays that you would add to this list? 😃

Quick FYI guys – this post contains affiliate links to various tour operators. I will receive a small commission for purchases made through these links at no extra cost to you. Thanks so much for your support!

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