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Top 10 things to do on every all inclusive holiday

Top 10 things to do on every all inclusive holiday

I’m a big believer that no matter what sort of trip you have booked you can stay as busy or relaxed as you like; even on an all inclusive holiday I promise you won’t get bored! The temptation is that you don’t want to leave the complex with the endless supply of free food and drink and pool time but even venturing out for some of the following activities will make your trip more well-rounded and ensure you don’t get cabin fever after the first few days.

1) Watersports

This can include, kayaking, paddle boarding, wind surfing, scuba diving, surfing, jet skiing…the list goes on! I can guarantee that you’ll be able to do some sort of watersports either on your complex or nearby.

Jet skiing

2) Spend a day at the beach

There’s nothing like listening to the sounds of the waves crash on the beach and there’s something so relaxing about putting your feet into the warm sand and sea. Depending on the type of resort you’re staying on, you may have access to a beach as part of your package but if not, have a change of scenery and spend a day at the beach.


3) Try out local restaurants

What’s the point in going all inclusive if you’re going to go out and pay for dinner I hear you say. Trying out the local cuisine for one! There’s nothing better than free food and drink but the disadvantage of going all inclusive means that the chances are you won’t get a taste of the local cuisine and the food choices are limited. Even just for one night take a recommendation from a local and get a true taste of where you’re staying.


4) Go souvenir shopping

Not necessarily limited to souvenirs but go spend an afternoon looking around in the local boutiques and you’ll no doubt come back with a bargain. At the very least you’ll come back with some cool nick nacks and a postcard for your mum!


5) Experience the nightlife

I know you get free alcohol at the complex but there will be loads of local bars and clubs that you’ll be gutted to miss out on. All inclusive holidays don’t always include evening entertainment so after the sun goes down it’s a great opportunity to explore the nightlife.


6) Take a day trip

Check before you go to see what sort of day trips your tour operator might offer as places can fill up if you wait until you get there. If they don’t, do some research and look at some local providers, chances are you’ll get a more authentic experience this way anyway. Boat trips for example are a fantastic way to get another view of where you are and will get you off the complex for the day!

Boat trip

7) Take a tour

Whilst going half-board in Greece last year, I took a tour over Kefalonia’s mountains, explored ancient caves and spent some time at a beautiful Roman port and it was so worth it! Again, check before you go to see what sort of tours your travel company offer as you could get a tour as part of your all inclusive package.

Day trip in Kefalonia

8) Visit the local historical sites

This could be ancient ruins, buildings or museums. If a tour or day trip doesn’t take your fancy, why not wonder down and check out the historical sites at your own pace. Staff at your hotel will be able to point you in the right direction.

Roman Ruins

Roman Ruins at Fiskardo Port in Kefalonia

9) Go to see a show

Concerts, plays, dancing anything that takes your fancy!


10) Explore by foot

If you can’t find a free walking tour (common in most cities) take a walk and explore where you’re staying. You’ll be more aware of your surroundings than in a car or being distracted by a tour operator’s voice so go for a walk and see what you find.

Mels Cafe Kefalonia

Whilst exploring Kefalonia by foot, I found my own Cafe :)

I hope these tips keep you occupied on your all inclusive holiday. Is there anything you would add to the list? Comment below :)

Mel x

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