Top 10 ways travelling benefits your mental health

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Top 10 ways travelling benefits your mental health

In a world that often moves at a frantic pace, the healing power of travel offers a sanctuary for our mental well-being. Beyond the thrill of exploring new destinations, travel has the remarkable ability to rejuvenate the mind, body and soul. Here are the top 10 ways travelling benefits your mental health!


1) Travelling reduces stress through the introduction of new and exciting experiences

Getting out of your daily routine does wonders for our mental health! It also gives you a break from having to stay on top of daily tasks such as food shopping, washing, cleaning and cooking which often robs us of valuable down-time.

Embracing new environments and cultures breaks the monotony of daily life, reducing stress levels and promoting a sense of excitement!

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2) Travelling helps you to be mindful by being present

Travel encourages a whole new level of mindfulness as every day you immerse yourself in the present moment by savouring the different sights, sounds and tastes of a new destination.

You’re not concerning yourself with what you did in the past or worrying about what is going to happen in the future, you’re right here in the present!

Mel swimming in the Porto Moniz volcanic pools in Madeira
Chilling in the Porto Moniz volcanic pools in Madeira

3) Travelling gives you the opportunity to disconnect

Taking a break from the digital world whilst we’re travelling allows our brains to have a much-needed break from the constant stimulation of being on our devices.

It’s so much easier to disconnect when you’re travelling too! Between the lack of (or dodgy!) wifi and the faff of getting a local SIM card, you won’t be spending nearly as much time online when you’re travelling.

In addition to this your friends, family and workplace know you’re away so are unlikely to contact you, which means less time spent online answering messages too!

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4) Travelling gives us a creativity boost

Being exposed to new places and experiences sparks creativity by challenging our brains to think outside the familiar.

How often do we find ourselves in a rut at work to find we come up with our most creative ideas when we’re doing something else?

Whilst you’re travelling, having new experiences gives you a new perspective on things and the ideas will just start to flow!

Blonde woman scuba diving with fish and coral all around her

5) Travelling helps build up your mental resilience

Navigating the uncertainties of travel gives you a level of resistance like nothing else!

When travelling, you’re forced to adapt to unforeseen circumstances such as cancelled flights, lost luggage and missed connections. But every travel mishap helps to build your mental strength which you can then utilise in your every day life.

You don’t sweat as much of the small stuff after surviving eight hours of turbulence and arriving at a hotel that can’t retrieve your booking at 4.30am!

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6) Travelling strengthens your relationships

The stress of everyday life, work and general adulting can take its toll on our relationships. But sharing travel experiences with loved ones creates lasting memories and deepens your connection, thereby giving your relationships a wonderful top up!

Couple on holiday, holding hands and looking at each other overlooking a river

7) Travelling helps to align your mind and body

So often we’re stuck behind desks for eight hours a day and then continue to be sedentary well into the evening. The stress and mental fatigue you can experience at the end of a work day combined with a lack of movement can really do a number on our mental health.

But when you’re travelling, you’re engaging in more physical activities that help connect your mind with your body. Whether that be hiking in nature or practicing yoga on a beach, travelling helps to align both your mental and physical well-being!

Mel hiking in the peak district by a gentle stream with green peaks in the background
Hiking on a trip to the peak district

8) Travelling gives you a sense of accomplishment

Setting and achieving travel goals, whether big or small, instills a sense of accomplishment that transcends into other areas of your life.

Travelling encapsulates everything that we work so hard for. Being able to see the world, experience new things and just enjoy ourselves! 

Mel wearing a pink bobble hat and a green backpack, looking back at the camera from the top of Snowdon with green peaks and lakes in the background
Smiling from the top of Snowdon, the highest peak in Wales!

9) Travelling cultivates a sense of gratitude

Experiencing different countries and cultures gives you an appreciation for the diverse beauty the world has to offer.

By removing yourself from your usual environment, you gain fresh perspective on your life which enables you to reflect on how grateful you are for everything that you have.

When we are able to practice gratitude, our sense of mental wellbeing improves tenfold.

Mel eating hummus and pitta breads wearing blue overalls and sunglasses in a traditional restaurant in Dubai
Grateful for delicious local food whilst travelling – ALWAYS! ;)

10) And finally – travelling just makes us happier!

A recent study published in the Nature journal found that people who see more changes in their day-to-day scenery are happier. Of course we are – we’re on our holi-bobs! 😉

When we’re happy our mental health improves drastically as our problems are put on pause and we can enjoy ourselves in the moment.

This isn’t a permanent solution of course, but travelling allows us to lighten our mental load and have a well needed break.

So what are you waiting for? Get researching into your next dream holiday!

Mel smiling with her arms out in front of the Disney castle in Paris


What ways does travelling benefit your mental health? Let me know in the comments below! 😊

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