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8 ways you know you’re a city person in the countryside

8 ways you know you're a city person in

I will hold my hands up and admit, I am a bonafide city person. I’ve lived in the centre of Manchester for the last 8 years, a city which has the largest population and GDP outside of London, England. I’ve not really spent a great deal of time in the countryside as a child or adult and it’s not until I spent a long weekend in a treehouse in Wales (more on that later!) that I realised just how much of a city person I am! Not entirely sure yourself? Here are 8 ways you know you’re a city person in the countryside…

1) You’re shocked when nowhere is open on Sunday

Nowhere is open on a Sunday

In the city you can eat, drink and shop seven days a week and always past 5pm. Wandering around a small Welsh town with a population of 2000 on a Sunday there isn’t a soul about. No shops, no takeaways, no restaurants, just one cafe. Say whaaaat?

2) You’re confused why nowhere will accept your debit card

Cash only

It’s cash only, everywhere. Doesn’t matter if you’re getting food in a cafe or spending £30 on something in a knick knack shop, cash is king in the countryside. The irony being you’ll then probably spend the next hour looking for a cash machine.

3) You’re overly protective of your belongings

Overprotective of your belongings

In the city you never leave your bags unattended as there is a high chance something will be swiped out of it or the whole thing will be gone as soon as you look back round! In the country, people don’t lock their doors, they know their neighbours, they have nothing to fear (and neither do you!). You still won’t let your bag out of your sight though…

4) You use phrases like: “Wow, it’s so green!”


Yep, it may sound cringeworthy but give us our due, the only ‘green’ us city folks are exposed to are the hanging baskets outside the pub and the slither of grass in the nearby park…if there’s even a park at all. Seeing all that splendid greenery as god intended literally takes our breathe away.

5) The lack of public transport makes you irritable

Public Transport

Forget getting a bus after 5pm and expect trains to be few and far between. Public transport just isn’t a reliable way to get around the countryside as everyone drives. As a city person you forget these minor details; we enjoy multiple train stations, regular services and in some cases free city centre buses, it’s just not worth having a car. But in the countryside, it’s a far less stressful way to get around.

6) You never seem to have the right footwear…or clothes in general

Wrong shoes

What do you mean converse are no good on grassy wet mountains? When you slip on your arse and have soaked socks you’ll know why! In the city there’s no need for weather appropriate footwear or clothing as you’re never far from where you need to be so you just avoid the puddles, it’s only rain right? In the countryside you need to be prepared for the inevitable and be waterproof, will we ever listen?

7) You never seem to get used to the sounds of nature

Nature sounds

Different birds, animals and even the rustling of trees are enough to stir the ears of a city person. We’re used to the sounds of sirens and traffic so the sweet sounds of nature take some getting used to people!

8) You stop to admire the view where ever you are

Amazing views

You stop at every new incline because you’ve spotted a new version of the view from 5 minutes ago. Every angle of that view is amazing. Looking at tall grey buildings in the city just isn’t the same and that’s why city people love the countryside…even if they’re not prepared or equipped for it.

So what do you think, are you a city person or more of a country person? Can you relate to any of the things on this list? Comment below :)

Mel x

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