Is Edinburgh worth visiting? Top 10 reasons to visit fun-filled Edinburgh!

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IS Edinburgh worth visiting? Top 10 reasons to visit fun-filled Edinburgh!

Full disclosure: Edinburgh is one of my all-time favourite UK cities! It’s one of those rare and fabulous places that combines everything that you love about city breaks. It has a fascinating history, thriving art and foodie scenes and special Scottish hospitality that gives it an extra dash of charm. So, is Edinburgh worth visiting? Here are my top 10 reasons to visit fun-filled Edinburgh!

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1) The awesome Foodie scene

When people have asked me in the past: “Is Edinburgh worth visiting?”, the first thing I think about is food! 😂 Edinburgh is a foodie paradise no matter what your dietary requirements are. It’s well worth the visit for food experiences alone!

The city offers a diverse array of dining experiences to suit every palate. There’s every kind of global cuisine you can think of in Edinburgh so you’re completely spoiled for choice. It’s also renowned for being super vegan and vegetarian friendly too!

If you’d like to discover more of Edinburgh’s amazing food scene, you can go on a food tour of Edinburgh with a local expert. You’ll discover some of the city’s best-known independents and best-kept secrets!

But if you’d rather go with the flow whilst visiting Edinburgh, here are some of my top vegan eatery recommendations:

  • Soul Vegan – fully vegan Malaysian restaurant that offers a wide range of starters, soups, rice and noodle dishes such as tofu satay, salt and pepper lotus roots, sweetcorn fritters, tom yum soup and pineapple fried rice.
  • Seeds for the Soul – fully vegan eatery serving food all day from breakfast to dinner. Food ranges from full breakfast, eggs benny, muffins, bagels, wraps, burgers, salad bowls, and more!
  • NovaPizza Vegan Kitchen – Italian restaurant with an all-vegan menu offering different kinds of pizza and pasta dishes as well as bruschetta and calzones. Dessert choices, include: crème brûlée, chocolate cake, affogato and tiramisu.
  • FacePlant Foods – plant-based kitchen, creating street food from around the world but often with a Scottish twist!

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Juicy vegan burger up close with lots of garnish and vegan cheese sauce

2) The fascinating history

Edinburgh has a very special and FASCINATING history that is woven into every cobblestone street, ancient alleyway, and towering castle. It is a truly awesome destination for history buffs and curious travellers alike!

As you wander through the city’s UNESCO World Heritage-listed Old Town and New Town, you’ll be transported back in time to medieval Scotland, where tales of kings, queens, and noble knights come to life!

Enjoy exploring iconic landmarks such as Edinburgh Castle, perched majestically atop Castle Rock, and Holyrood Palace, the official residence of the British monarch in Scotland.

Or delve into the city’s dark and mysterious past on a guided ghost tour of the underground vaults, where stories of plague, persecution, and paranormal activity await!

You can also get to know Edinburgh in more depth by going on a walking tour. You’ll be guided through some of Edinburgh’s top attractions such as Royal Mile, Edinburgh Castle and St Giles Cathedral Embark. All whilst hearing about the city’s historical, cultural, and architectural heritage – which is so, so fun!

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View of Edinburgh city centre with the castle and clock tower in the background

3) The amazing Scottish hospitality!

Edinburgh’s charm extends beyond its historic landmarks and stunning landscapes; it lies in the warmth and hospitality of its people.

Scottish people are some of the most down to Earth and friendliest people I have met on my travels. Not to mention hilarious and such great fun to hang out with!

Edinburgh’s residents take pride in their city and are delighted to share its history, culture, and hidden gems with visitors. Whether you’re chatting with a bartender over locally brewed beer, browsing the stalls at a bustling market, or seeking recommendations from a friendly shopkeeper, you’ll feel the warmth and sincerity of Scottish hospitality everywhere!

Find out more about Scottish culture, past and present, from the perspective of a local on the Edinburgh Guided Walking Tour.

Bagpiper wearing a traditional scottish outfit of tartan kilt and jacket and a tall, black, faux bearskin hat

4) The cool museums and historic attractions

With such a long and interesting history, is it any surprise that Edinburgh has an impressive array of museums and attractions to visit?!

Edinburgh is a treasure trove of cool museums and historic attractions that promise endless exploration and discovery for visitors!

From the immense Edinburgh Castle, perched atop an ancient volcanic rock, to the immersive exhibits of the National Museum of Scotland, the city’s historic landmarks offer a glimpse into centuries of rich heritage and culture.

Step back in time as you wander along the cobbled streets of the Royal Mile, lined with historic buildings and charming shops. Or delve into the city’s dark and mysterious past on a ghost tour of its underground vaults.

Meanwhile, Edinburgh’s diverse array of museums cater to every interest, whether you’re fascinated by art, science, literature, or even whisky.

Marvel at masterpieces by Scottish and international artists at the Scottish National Gallery, explore the wonders of the natural world at the Dynamic Earth Museum, or uncover the secrets of Scotland’s whisky-making heritage at the Scotch Whisky Experience.

With its captivating blend of history, culture, and innovation, Edinburgh’s museums and historic attractions offer an immersive and unforgettable experience!

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View of Edinburgh Castle from a distance amongst green trees on the hill top

5) Awesome Nightlife

Edinburgh has a reputation for having one of the best night’s out in the UK! From buzzing bars and cozy pubs to dynamic clubs and underground music venues, Edinburgh offers something for every nocturnal adventurer.

From the charming traditional pubs of the Old Town to the trendy cocktail bars of the New Town, there’s no shortage of places to enjoy a pint of local ale or expertly crafted cocktails.

For those seeking live entertainment, Edinburgh boasts a thriving music scene too! With venues showcasing everything from indie bands and acoustic acts to jazz ensembles and electronic DJs.

Dance the night away at one of the city’s vibrant clubs, where beats pulse late into the night and revellers come together to create unforgettable memories.

With its welcoming atmosphere, diverse crowd, and non-stop entertainment, Edinburgh’s nightlife promises an unforgettable experience for visitors looking to let loose and embrace the city after dark. You’re sure to have the time of your life in Edinburgh!

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DJ with a crowd in front of them in a nightclub with red strobe lights behind

6) Loads of colourful Festivals

One of the many reasons that people love to visit Edinburgh is its vibrant festivals.

Edinburgh hosts dozens of city-wide festivals every year, from food, drink and music to science, filmmaking and comedy, there’s always something exciting happening in Scotland’s capital!

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe (the largest arts festival in the world!), transforms the city into a buzzing hive of creativity and performance each August, with thousands of shows spanning theatre, comedy and dance. Whilst the Edinburgh International Festival showcases the very best in classical music, opera, theatre, dance and more!

Edinburgh most notably hosts one of the biggest Pride festivals in the UK too! Celebrating LGBTQ+ rights, diversity, and equality, the festival typically takes place in June and features a colourful parade through the city streets, live performances, entertainment, community stalls and social events.

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Pride letter balloons with a crowd of people with rainbow flags

7) Growing street art scene

While Edinburgh may not be as renowned for its street art scene as some other cities, such as London or Bristol, it still boasts a vibrant and growing urban art scene!

In recent years, Edinburgh has seen an increase in street art initiatives and festivals, contributing to the city’s creative atmosphere. Areas like Leith and the Grassmarket feature colourful murals and graffiti pieces that add character to the streetscape.

Many incredible pieces aren’t immediately visible and only found by deviating from well-known streets which is why I recommend taking a walking tour to discover more about the street art of Edinburgh.

During the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, temporary street art installations and performances can be found throughout the city. These further enrich the cultural landscape, offering intriguing glimpse into the city’s artistic expression and creativity!

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Two people walking past some street art in Edinburgh

8) green spaces and epic view points

Edinburgh’s abundant green spaces and breathtaking viewpoints offer unparalleled perspective of the city’s skyline.

From the majestic peak of Arthur’s Seat to the tranquil oasis of Princes Street Gardens, Edinburgh is a haven for the outdoorsy seeking both adventure and serenity!

Arthur’s Seat, an extinct volcano located in Holyrood Park, stands as one of the city’s most iconic landmarks and provides panoramic views of Edinburgh’s skyline.

You can book a guided hike up to Arthur’s Seat for only £20 which leads you through Holyrood Park as a guide talks you through the very distinctive natural, historical and geological sites you encounter on the way up.

Whilst the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh offers a tranquil escape, showcasing a diverse collection of plants from around the world amidst beautifully landscaped gardens.

Whether hiking up a hilltop or leisurely strolling through lush gardens, Edinburgh’s green spaces and viewpoints promise unforgettable, instagrammable moments.

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View of Edinburgh city centre from Arthur's seat

9) The diversity and inclusivity

Edinburgh prides itself on being a diverse and inclusive city, welcoming people from all backgrounds, cultures, and walks of life.

With its rich history, cosmopolitan atmosphere, and vibrant community spirit, Edinburgh embraces diversity as a core value and celebrates the contributions of individuals from different ethnicities, religions, sexual orientations, and socioeconomic backgrounds.

The city is home to a thriving multicultural population, with residents hailing from all over the globe, introducing a wide range of languages, traditions, and perspectives to the city.

Edinburgh’s commitment to inclusivity is reflected in its numerous cultural festivals, community events, and initiatives aimed at promoting equality, social justice, and acceptance for all.

From LGBTQ+ pride celebrations to multicultural festivals and grassroots activism, Edinburgh continues to strive towards creating a welcoming and inclusive environment where everyone feels valued, respected, and empowered to thrive!

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Girl kissing another smiling girl on the cheek both wearing rainbow tops celebrating pride

10) Lastly…It’s the gateway to scotland – duh! 😉

Edinburgh serves as an ideal base for exploring the rest of Scotland! With easy access to nearby attractions like the Highlands, Loch Ness, Stirling Castle and the Scottish Borders.

Take a day trip from Edinburgh to discover the breathtaking landscapes and historic sites that Scotland has to offer! Here are some of my top picks for day trips from Edinburgh:

Historic steam train on high tracks in the Scottish highlands

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So, is Edinburgh worth visiting? Hell YEAH! I hope you have a great time in Edinburgh! 😉

Quick FYI guys – this post contains affiliate links to some tours and hotels I recommend. I will receive a small commission for purchases made through these links at no extra cost to you. Thanks so much for your support!

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