Happy 1st birthday Footsteps on the Globe!

Mel holding a cupcake with a "1" candle with a sign in the background with "Footsteps on the Globe" written on it

Happy 1st birthday Footsteps on the Globe!

Well, well, well – look who’s just turned one. It’s my little travel blog, Footsteps on the Globe! I’ve learned so much over the last year and had such a blast during my first year of blogging – here’s how the journey has been so far!


The beginning of Footsteps on the Globe

It seems like only yesterday I hit ‘publish’ on my first blog post. I proof-read it over and over again. Re-reading, making changes and trying to make sure it was perfect.

I bought the domain for Footsteps on the Globe on 26th of November 2014, with plans to launch early 2015. I started adding posts every week and eagerly prepared for the day I thought I had enough content on there so I could “officially” launch the blog!

Whilst on holiday in Kefalonia, I came up with the idea for the blog when I saw wild loggerhead turtles in Argostoli Bay and I thought: “Wow, this is incredible! I can’t believe that I happened upon this amazing experience by chance!”

Loggerhead Turtle breaking the surface of the ocean in Kefalonia, Greece

I started thinking: “What if I started my own website about travel experiences like this and offered helpful tips so people could get the most out of their holidays too? It would also make a pretty cool diary of things I’ve done and seen on my travels!”

I got home, signed up to WordPress, worked on a name, paid for the domain and voila – Footsteps on the Globe was created and a travel blogger was born!

Mel stood smiling in front of the Greek flag on a ferry in Kefalonia, Greece

Launching Footsteps on the Globe

I was nervous to tell people about the blog at first. What would my family and friends say? Would people think it was stupid?

But after dragging my heels for months and keeping the blog a well guarded secret, I officially launched Footsteps on the Globe at the end of April 2015.

I’m pleased to say the blog has gone from strength to strength and I’ve met some incredible people along the way through the blogging community!

Mel taking a selfie with other bloggers at the "Blog at the Beach" event run by Icelolly.com
Meeting other bloggers at Icelolly’s Blog at the Beach event

Hitting the first year milestone

I’m so proud to still be in the blogosphere a year after launching. I couldn’t let the milestone pass without at least a little celebration!

I’ve found that one of my favourite hobbies has became one of my biggest passions, which is a gift!

It seems that a year has gone by in a flash and I can’t quite believe how much I’ve travelled whilst balancing a full-time job, Footsteps on the Globe AND a social life!

In just a year I travelled to six countries: the UAE, Northern Ireland, the Netherlands, Wales, Spain and Iceland. Not including all my travels around England during my weekends too!

Not bad for a girl with limited annual leave and budget, eh? I feel very privileged.

Despite always having a passion for travel, Footsteps on the Globe has pushed me to travel more than I ever thought possible.

When I created this blog, I decided to make travelling a priority in my life. It makes me the happiest version of myself and here I am a year on, still loving it and bursting with all the travel goodies I’ve not shared with you all yet.

Mel with her arms out with Icelandic sea and mountains behind her
Visiting a dream destination of mine in my first year of blogging: Iceland!

To all the readers of Footsteps on the Globe

I just wanted to thank all of you who have been on this journey with me. Your kind comments and continual support mean the world to me!

I hope Footsteps on the Globe inspires you to reach your travel goals too no matter what you earn or what limited time you have.

Here’s to many more years of adventure and wanderlust!


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