Best (and fastest!) rides at Disneyland Paris for adrenaline junkies [2024]

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Best (and fastest!) rides at Disneyland Paris for adrenaline junkies [2024]

Nowhere combines the magic of childhood with adrenaline pumping rollercoaster rides quite like Disneyland Paris. The fantastic thing about Disneyland is there are rides for every age group. But this post…this one’s for you thrill-seekers! Here are the best (and fastest!) rides at Disneyland Paris for adrenaline junkies in 2024 – let’s go!

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Avengers Assemble: Flight Force

Starting the list off strong (and with one of my personal favourites!), we’re taking a look at the Avengers Assemble: Flight Force. Team up with Iron Man and Captain Marvel to help them save the world from an intergalactic threat!

Front of the Avengers Flight Force ride at Disneyland Paris

Avengers Assemble: Flight Force is the fastest ride at Disneyland Paris. Located on the backlot of the Walt Disney Studios Park in the new Avengers Campus, it accelerates from 0 to 57 miles per hour in 2.8 seconds! Woah.

Riders experience an incredible 4.5 G as they enter the first inversion, which is more than an astronaut does on a Space Shuttle launch!

After the initial acceleration, the ride boasts a smoother, less jerkier and uncomfortable coaster experience than some similar extreme rollercoasters.

The Avengers Campus is also a great place to meet all your favourite marvel characters and see some cool mini-shows. From the the Warriors of Wakanda to the epic rooftop battle with Black Widow and Black Panther.

INSIDER TIP: The line moves really quickly on this ride so leave it until the end of the day and prioritise others where queue times generally don’t go below an hour (ahem, Crush’s Coaster!).

Life-size Ironman inside the Avengers Flight Force ride at Disneyland Paris

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

Next up we have The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror based at the Walt Disney Studios Park. It’s another personal favourite of mine which is why it has the coveted position of number two on this list!

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror ride at Disneyland Paris

Standing at nearly 200 feet and featuring several fast drops, The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror is not for the faint hearted (or anyone who can’t bear heights for that matter!).

The ride is based on the TV anthology series, the Twilight Zone, taking place in the fictional Hollywood Tower Hotel in Hollywood, California.

It’s set around the glitz and glam of the birth of Hollywood which gives this ride an extra vintage and spooky feel.

Riders make their way through the main reception of the hotel to the back of a gloomy basement, where they are shuffled into a seemingly ordinary hotel service lift.

Once in the lift, riders are transported from level to level being shown a brief back story in which people mysteriously disappeared from a hotel lift under the influence of something supernatural.

The lift doors open right at the top of the hotel before dropping 13 terrifying floors at which time you’ll feel your stomach in your throat which makes this ride even more exhilarating!

INSIDER TIP: There is a gorgeous view of the whole of Disneyland Paris at the top so be sure to give this ride a few goes to practise keeping your eyes open long enough to see it!

Inside the old Hollywood reception in The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror ride at Disneyland Paris
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Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain

Next up we have the original biggun’ and everyone’s favourite OG ride at Disneyland Paris, Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain.

Front of hyperspace mountain in Disneyland Paris

Formerly known as Space Mountain Mission 2 and based on the Jules Vern novel, “From the Earth to the Moon”, this classic space attraction has had a recent facelift amidst the renewed popularity of the Stars Wars series.

In this incarnation of the ride, you journey into outer space to join the Rebel Alliance to help take down the menacing Imperial Star Destroyer.

The ride catapults you in the dark into a swarm of deadly TIE fighters at a speed of 35 mph before heading off to find the deadly Imperial Star Destroyer.

Regardless of which theme it embodies, Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain in Disneyland’s Discoveryland is not to be missed by true adrenaline junkies!

INSIDER TIP: Wait for the front seat on this one as you’ll feel the full force of the ride and you’ll get the best view of all the awesome space graphics. Trust me, there’s nothing better than having a front row seat on Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain. You’ll thank me later!

Inside the big tunnel from the perspective of a rider in hyper space mountain before the ride accelerates in disneyland paris
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Big Thunder Mountain

Heading into the slightly more gentle adrenaline-filled rides at Disneyland Paris, we come to the iconic, Big Thunder Mountain.

Train running along Thunder Mountain ride at Disneyland Paris

Based in Frontierland in the main park, Big Thunder Mountain takes you on a thrilling journey of sudden drops and sharp turns around a haunted old wild west mining town.

Themed around the American gold rush during the late 1800s, the mountain is said to be cursed after being hit by a massive earthquake.

This led to the destruction and then eventual abandonment of the mine and town. However, trains are said to still be “mysteriously” running on the tracks without any assistance. Dun dun duuuuun!

Seriously though, Big Thunder Mountain has a cool back story and is a great adrenaline-junkie ‘starter’ of sorts. You’ll enjoy wizzing around the mountain by train at 35 mph at heights of 104 feet.

The best part though? Despite Big Thunder Mountain not featuring any upside down loopage, the final tunnel will certainly take your breath away as the train speeds up to 100 mph in the dark!

INSIDER TIP: Sit yourself in one of the back rows to feel the full impact of this experience!

People screaming from joy on the Thunder Mountain ride at Disneyland Paris as the train runs round the tracks
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Crush’s Coaster

A firm favourite with thrill-seeking families at Walt Disney Studios Park and it shows! Crush’s Coaster boasts the longest queues in all of Disneyland Paris.

Front of the Crush's coaster ride at Disneyland Paris with turtle and sign
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No matter what time of year it is you will queue for this one. I’ve been to Disneyland Paris at the beginning of February and managed to get on all the rides within 20 minutes or less…except this one!

I waited around 45 minutes to an hour to get on it. The reason being, it’s designed perfectly for the whole family. It’s fast and twisty enough for older children and adults to enjoy but not too fast and twisty that younger children will get scared on it.

It’s a fantastic ride which is themed around Finding Nemo, following his buddy Crush on his journey on the EAC dude.

Riders get into a turtle shell carriage at Sydney Harbour and are transported on the EAC through an ocean of awesome special effects.

It may be kid-friendly but adrenaline-junkies will equally get a kick out of this fast and quirky ride, especially as it reaches speeds of almost 40 mph.

Not bad for a kids ride I’d say!

INSIDER TIP: If you’re visiting the studios, get there for when it opens and make this ride your first stop. It might be the only time you manage to get on it if you’re strapped for time on your visit. This ride just gets busier as the day goes on. Alternatively, I would join the single rider queue as you’ll still be able to queue up and chat with your friends and family whilst you wait but you’ll get on the ride much, much faster (albeit separately).

People on Crush's Coaster ride

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril

Lastly adrenaline junkies, I bring you another classic OG ride from Disneyland Paris, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Perilllll.

Front of the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland Paris

Based on the Indiana Jones film series (duh), riders go on a quest into a lost temple guarded by a supernatural power via a rickety mine cart.

Riders journey up and down over the surface of the temple with plenty of twists and turns through the darkest corners of the cursed ruins maintaining a cool 36 mph.

INSIDER TIP: Check on your Disneyland Paris app to see if this ride is open before you head over there. I’ve visited twice during the winter season and it has been closed on both occasions. As an older ride at Disneyland Paris it may not be open every day during the quieter seasons.

Indiana jones ride at Disneyland Paris car going over tracks above with temple in background

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What are your favourite best (and fastest!) rides at Disneyland Paris? Let me know in the comments below. 😊

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