Top 10 things to do in Disneyland Paris 2024!

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Top 10 things to do in Disneyland Paris 2024!

There’s so much to see at the Magic Kingdom – it’s hard to know where to start when deciding on the best things to do in Disneyland Paris! Especially if it’s your first time or a lot has changed since your last visit.

But fear not Disney fans. With my top 10 things to do in Disneyland Paris list below, you’ll get a feel for the park must dos before you go – just in case you get caught up in all the excitement when you get there!

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1) The Disney parade 

The daily Disney parade is a series of awesome themed floats that feature a range of Disney stars, dancers and performers!

It’s about 20 minutes long and usually occurs a couple of times a day (depending on the time of year you go). But you can double check timings on the Disney App when you arrive.

There is a dedicated parade for every season but my favourites have to be the Halloween and Christmas parades. Especially the focus on Disney’s best villains for Halloween!

The parade makes its way from Fantasy Land, past Sleeping Beauty’s Castle and down Main Street USA. Try to get a spot on an outer curve down Main Street. You’ll get a better view without people leaning out and blocking you as the floats arrive.

Disney Parade at Disneyland Paris coming down Main Street USA

2) Sleeping Beauty’s Castle 

Rising high in the sky at the end of Main Street, USA is Sleeping Beauty’s Castle welcoming you to Disneyland!

Sleeping Beauty’s Castle may not be a ride, or seem like much of an attraction. But as every Disney fanatic knows – it has become an icon not just of the Disneyland Parks, but of Disney itself!

Mel pointing to Sleeping Beauty's Castle wearing pink and green sunglasses and blue mickey mouse ears

It features beautiful stained glass windows depicting the story of Sleeping Beauty with lots of fun moving props like Maleficent’s enchanted spinning wheel.

It’s also one of the top 10 most instagrammable spots in Disneyland Paris!

Don’t forget to check out the life-sized sleeping dragon that occasionally awakens, puffs smoke and roars, underneath the main castle entrance.

Tip toe through the darkness if you don’t want to wake him up though! 😉

Sleeping Beauty's Dragon underneath the main Disneyland Paris Castle with green mist and shackles around it

3) Avengers Campus

Located on the backlot of Disney Studios next to the Tower of Terror, the newly opened Avengers Campus features two new rides and a whole lot of action!

The former Rockin’ Roller Coaster has been transformed into ‘Avengers Assemble: Flight Force’ – but is still the fastest ride at Disneyland Paris. Only now you’ll get to team up with Iron Man and Captain Marvel to help them save the world from an intergalactic threat!

Experience 4.5 G (more than an astronaut on a Space Shuttle launch!) as you accelerate from 0 to 57 miles per hour in 2.8 seconds. One word: epic.

There’s also the new Spiderman W.E.B Adventure ride – which kids and adults will love! Although there are SO many reasons to go to Disneyland Paris!

You tour Stark Lab in a ‘spidey pod’ and unleash your inner hero on a mission to catch Spider-Bots before they wreak havoc.

The Avengers Campus is also a great place to meet all your favourite marvel characters and see some cool mini-shows. From the the Warriors of Wakanda to the epic rooftop battle with Black Widow and Black Panther.

It’s hard to pin point just one thing to do at the Avengers Campus – I recommend you cover it all! It may only be small but packs a huge superhero punch in terms of fun and theme!

Mel outside the front of the avengers campus sign

4) Disney Illuminations Night Show

Not only is Sleeping Beauty’s Castle worth a visit by day, but by night it’s used as a projection canvas for the Disney Illuminations Night Show – and it’s amazing!

Enjoy watching the night’s sky light up in an explosion of fireworks, lasers and fountains. As your favourite Disney tales are projected onto the castle to the epic soundtracks of Star Wars and Pirates of the Caribbean.

The Disney Illuminations Night Show is a truly magical way to end any day at Disneyland Paris.

5) Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain 

Journey into outer space as you take on a mission as part of the Rebel Alliance to pilot a reconnaissance vessel and spy on an Imperial Star Destroyer in an updated version of the classic Space Mountain ride.

Though it doesn’t matter how many rebrands it has – this is one of the best rides at Disneyland Paris!

Originally based on the Jules Vern novel, “From the Earth to the Moon”, the ride catapults you into darkness at a speed of 35 miles per hour.

It would be a crime to miss it, whether you’re a fan of the force or not!

Outside Hyperspace mountain ride on a sunny day at Disneyland Paris

6) Mickey and the Magician Show at Animagique

For their 30th anniversary festivities, Disneyland Paris are celebrating the grand return of Mickey and the Magician.

The Animagique Theatre at Disney Studios runs a few shows a day but best of all – it’s totally free!

Follow Mickey Mouse as he learns his ‘tricks’ of the trade from a colourful cast of magical characters. These include: Elsa from Frozen, Genie from Aladdin, Lumière from Beauty and the Beast, Rafiki from The Lion King and more.

The show features awesome illusions and special effects that bring some of your favourite Disney songs to life and the talented performers are an absolute knock out!

I’ve been going to Disneyland Paris since I was eighteen and this is honestly the best show Animagique has put on.

It’s one of THE best things to do in Disneyland Paris right now!

You can check out more shows on the Disneyland Paris website including advanced tickets for the fabulous Lion King: Rhythms of the Pride Lands show.

Mickey and other dancers in disney costume on a rainbow light stage taking a final bow at the Animagique show at Disneyland Paris studios

7) Toy Story Land

I can’t single out one thing to do in Toy Story Land, the whole place is a must-see! If you’re a lover of Toy Story (as I am) you’ll absolutely love it here.

Based in Disney Studios, it’s a mini theme park all on its own featuring rides based on Andy’s toys.

There’s an RC ride where you go racing from side to side high up on a track, an army man ride which takes you up to where you can see the entire park in a parachute and a gentle (but still fun) Slinky ride.

Not to mention all the characters to pose with!

The detail in Toy Story Land is incredible. Even the most cynical adult will delight in being toy-sized as they explore this themed land.

Mel hugging Rex the dinosaur from Toy Story stood on some giant colourful dominoes at Toy Story Land in Disneyland Paris

8) The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror  

The Tower of Terror stands at nearly 200 feet and features several fast drops. The ride is based on the TV anthology series, ‘The Twilight Zone’, which takes place in the fictional Hollywood Tower Hotel in Hollywood.

You’ll make your way through the main reception of the hotel to the back of a gloomy basement and shuffle into a seemingly ordinary hotel service lift. Once in the lift, you are transported from level to level being shown a back story in which people mysteriously disappeared from a hotel lift under the influence of the supernatural. 

The lift doors open right at the top before it *DROPS*!

Side note: you get a great view of the park from the top – but your stomach will be up in your throat so you won’t appreciate it on the first go! So make sure to go on this ride at LEAST twice.

It’s an absolute classic at Disney Studios that you can’t miss.

Outside the hollywood tower hotel ride at Disneyland Paris, a tall pink building with burnt out lifts

9) Crush’s Coaster

It’s a firm favourite at Disney Studios which means no matter when you visit, you’re destined to queue!

I’ve been to Disneyland Paris in February and managed to get on all the rides within 20 minutes – except this one. You’re looking at a minimum of 45 mins to an hour (or more) depending on the season.

The reason Crush’s Coaster is so popular is because its design is perfect for the whole family. It’s fast and twisty enough for older children and adults to enjoy, yet not too fast and twisty that younger children will get scared!

The ride is fantastic though! Which is why even after all these years, it’s still on my top 10 things to do in Disneyland Paris list.

It’s themed around the Pixar classic, ‘Finding Nemo’ as you follow Crush the turtle on his journey along the EAC.

You get into a turtle shell at Sydney Harbour and ride the EAC through an ocean of cool special effects, with lots of twists and drops along the way!

My advice would be if you’re visiting the studios, get there when it opens and make it your first stop.

Otherwise go on as a single rider (even if you’re in a group). You still get to queue up together, you just go in separate coaster carts.

People on Crush's coaster seen from outside the ride coming out of a blue cave in a turtle shell

10) Disney Village

Experience fun around the clock at Disney Village and discover all the fantastic shopping, restaurants, dancing and shows!

It’s a great place to hang out after hours at Disneyland Paris – especially if you fancy a little tipple at the end of a long day of roller coaster-ing.

If you’re vegan or vegetarian, I highly recommend Annette’s Diner. They do THE best vegan burger in all of Disneyland Paris. As well as all your favourite American diner classics like onion rings, hotdogs, sundaes and milkshakes. You may even get a server on roller skates, just like in the 50s!

For more on vegan food at Disneyland Paris check out my vegan guide.

Mel sat on the front of a retro car outside Annette's Diner in Disney Village at Disneyland Paris

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