COMPLETE GUIDE to the Guinness Storehouse Dublin (+ top tips!)

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COMPLETE GUIDE to the Guinness Storehouse Dublin (plus top tips!)

The Guinness Storehouse Dublin is synonymous with The Republic of Ireland and a symbol of Irish pride. It was certainly top of my list of things to do in Dublin and I was not disappointed!

In this complete guide to Dublin’s Guinness Storehouse I’ve paved the boozy way to one of the most famous breweries in the world. With lots of handy tips so you can make the most of your visit!


Ground Floor: Introduction to the brewery and ingredients

Starting on the ground floor, you’ll get an introduction to the 250 year old Guinness Storehouse. Including a short history of the building and Arthur Guinness’s infamous 9,000 year lease.

You then make your way along the floor, learning about the different ingredients, including: barley, hops and yeast that go into making that magic black stuff.

Tip #1: Buy your tickets online for one of the first slots of the day (available from 9am every 15 minutes). It may sound crazy to think about drinking alcohol at this time, but by the time you’ve made your way through the floors, it will be at least 11am and a lunch later, making it an acceptable drinking hour! Plus, there will be fewer crowds when you reach the piece de la resistance on the top floor – Gravity Bar!

Guinness Storehouse ingredients list on the wall with an arrow to where the tour continues

You’ll also find the Guinness Storehouse gift shop on this floor. Selling a treasure trove of souvenir pint glasses, t-shirts and Guinness themed treats.

Tip #2: Get your souvenirs at the end of your tour. You’ll have more time at the end of your visit to look around and you won’t have to carry the bag all the way round.

Mel modelling a Guinness Storehouse t-shirt and gesturing with her hands, "What do you think?"

First Floor: Cooperage and transportation

After taking a look at what goes into making Guinness on the ground floor, you’ll learn how the ingredients are brewed to get that unique Guinness taste on the first floor. As well as how the famous cases are made and how Guinness was transported across the globe.

Guinness Storehouse barrels in a row
Guinness Storehouse turn of the century blue and red train

Tip #3: Take time to have a seat by the stunning 12 foot tall, wood carving of a giant pint of Guinness sculpture, “The Story of More” (below). It was created by 20 international artists and carvers from around the world, each adding a piece to the Guinness story. From the barley fields at the bottom to the origins of the water used at the brewery from the River Liffey at the top. 

Giant Guinness pint statue with carvings on it from iconic marketing campaigns from over the years

Second Floor: Tasting experience

On the second floor of the Guinness Storehouse Dublin, you’ll get the chance to taste test some Guinness yourself in the tasting rooms.

Here you’ll learn how to appreciate the different flavours of Guinness and taste test it like you would a fine wine!

The aroma created by the Guinness flavour pods alone will be enough to activate your thirst – trust me! 

This is where you’ll find out how Guinness made in Dublin really does taste different from anywhere else in the world!

Tip #4: You’re only in the tasting rooms very briefly so if you want to get any pictures, stay at the back of the group so you’re the last one out before you’re moved on.

White "Guinness aroma" machine pumping out smoke in the taste test room in the Guinness Storehouse

Third Floor: World of advertising

This was one of my favourite floors at the Guinness Storehouse Dublin!

Not just because it appeals to the marketing nerd in me, but because the Guinness branding and unique style of advertising is iconic and recognised the world over!

Statue of a portly cartoon man from an old Guinness advertising campaign wearing green and holding a pint of Guinness in one hand and holding a glass in the other

Have a walk through the history of some of Guinness’s most iconic advertising campaigns, including its Toucan mascot and slogan, “Guinness is good for you”, which is still used today.

Turtle cartoon statue with a pint of Guinness on top of it with Mel pretending to drink from the giant pint glass

You’ll also get chance to be part of one of their classic advertising campaigns by stepping into one of the advertising photo booths.

I got to play a fisherman in the, “You’re at home with a Guinness” advert (below)! 😄

Tip #5: When you’re in the photo booth, position yourself as fast as possible. The flash goes off quickly and your head won’t be positioned quite right (like mine!). Don’t forget to check out your photo afterwards so you can email yourself a free copy.  

Mel in the Guinness Storehouse photo booth with her face superimposed on an old fisherman Guinness advertising campaign

Fourth Floor: Guinness Academy and connoisseur experience

This is one of the best parts of visiting the Guinness Storehouse! On this floor you learn how to pull your own perfect pint at the Guinness Academy.

Think of it as the tipsy version of school and you’ve got yourself the most popular Academy in town!

Mel stood smiling behind the Guinness Academy bar holding onto Guinness taps with rows of Guinness beer bottles behind her

Tip #6: Even with pre-booked tickets, this is an experience you will need to queue up for. This is why I recommend you visit the Guinness Storehouse as early as possible to avoid the crowds. 

A row of Guinness pints

Tip #7: You won’t need tickets for, “The Connoisseur Experience”. It’s a one-on-one lesson with a Guinness expert and costs €95 compared to the €32 standard “Guinness Academy” ticket. The standard ticket gets you the same experience but you share the lesson with a small group. The group lessons are more fun though! You get to talk to people who have travelled from across the world for the experience. In my group I had people who had travelled from Canada, Brazil and France to taste one of Dublin’s special brews!

Mel learning how to pull a pint of Guinness at the Guinness Storehouse Academy

Fifth Floor: Guinness bar and restaurant

On the fifth floor you’ll find out how Guinness complements a surprising array of foods!

By this point in your visit you’ll definitely be hungry (if not a little tipsy from all the Guinness!). So make sure you stop off at the restaurant for some traditional Irish grub.

You’ll also be pleased to know that prices aren’t bad here (compared to restaurants in the centre of Dublin). For some home-made soup with Guinness bread and a drink, I paid around €10.

Cup of soup with a slice of Guinness bread on a wooden board

Tip #8: Unless you just want to enjoy a few cheeky pints, save your next pint of Guinness for Gravity Bar. The views are fab and is a fantastic way to end the Guinness Storehouse Tour. 

Tip #9: Look down from the fifth floor! You’ll be able to see the pint glass effect that they tell you about in the introduction. It allows you to see all the other awesome floors of the experience.  

Escalator in the Guinness Storehouse showing all the floors from the window of the fifth floor

Top floor: Gravity Bar

On the very last floor of the Guinness Storehouse, you’ll experience amazing 360 views of Dublin at Gravity Bar.

Enjoy one last smooth pint of Guinness whilst looking out over one of the best viewpoints of the city!

People sat at small tables in the Gravity Bar at the Guinness Storehouse with a skyline view of Dublin

Tip #10: If you find that Gravity Bar is super busy after the experience, head down to the floor below. You’ll be able to enjoy your pint in a less crowded space at the other bar. The views aren’t quite as good but at least you can have your last pint of the experience in peace.  

Now you’re all filled in on Dublin’s Guinness Storehouse, what are you waiting for? Get yourself down there and bring me back some Guinness will you? 😉

For more on the Guinness Storehouse Dublin check out my YouTube video:


Are you adding the Guinness Storehouse Dublin to your itinerary? 😄

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