Caban Crwn Review: The perfect off-grid weekender in Powys, Wales

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CABAN CRWN REVIEW: The perfect off-grid weekender in Powys, Wales

If you’re looking for a peaceful, countryside getaway with all the comforts of home without all the distraction, Caban Crwn is the perfect off-grid weekender for you! In this review I break down why you’ll love a weekend being off-grid in this cute cabin, plus recommendations for activities you can enjoy nearby!

About Caban Crwn

With its plain wooden frontage and simple fire pit on the outside and striped fabrics on the interior with a burgundy wood-burner on the inside, Caban Crwn is a combination of frontier cabin and cosy country cottage!

It has all the comforts of home but in a idyllic Welsh countryside setting away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Not to mention the stresses of everyday life!

It’s the type of place where all you can hear are the rustling of trees and see the stars in the sky at night.

It’s off-grid magic.

Mel stood in front of the front door of Caban Crwn wearing a pink bobble hat, dinosaur jumper, jeans and snow boots

The location

Caban Crwn is amongst a handful of other cute cabins, each with their own unique look and personality.

They all sit dotted around the hillside of a former farm called Beudy Banc in Powys, Wales – not far from Snowdonia.

It’s so difficult to describe just how beautiful this area of Wales is. I discovered it when I stayed in the Living Room Treehouses a few years ago and instantly fell in love with the place!

I just felt right at home and completely at ease there. It’s such a stunning place and the farm’s hillside offers the perfect view right outside the cabin.

I think out of the all properties we passed on the farm, Caban Crwn has the best viewpoint!

The only downside to how remote the area is you need a car to get there as there’s no public transport to Beudy Banc.

Once you get there, you have to drive five minutes up a bumpy hillside to get to the cabins.

You’ll also want a car so you can enjoy exploring the nearby areas or take a day trip to the nearby seaside towns.

Mel stood on the dirt track leading to Caban Crwn in front of a mountainous viewpoint wearing a pink bobble hat, dinosaur jumper, jeans and snow boots

Caban Crwn Tour

Let’s take a look inside!

The living room

If you’re expecting a TV and comfy couch, you may not be ready for an off-grid cabin stay just yet!

The living room area of the cabin only has a bench with foam padding for a couch. But has comfy pillows and faces a lovely wood burning fire.

The cabin is powered by solar energy and kept warm by the fire. It may not seem very big but just a little fire heats the entire cabin.

During the night I even had to open the doors a couple of times because it got too hot even – in minus temperatures!

The fire was actually one of my favourite parts of staying in the cabin. It was so relaxing to sit in the peace and quiet, reading my book and listen to the crackling of the fire.

Caban Crwn living room with a red fireplace, table and a couch bench with a circular window above it

The kitchen

Caban Crwn has a small kitchen unit with all the essentials: a gas hob, kitchen sink and all your kitchen utensils like plates, cutlery and cups.

There’s no oven so to make it super easy I bought a pre-prepared vegan chickpea curry for the first night and then made pasta on the second night.

But really, you can get as creative as you like! Alternatively, you can eat out at one of the local pubs if you just can’t be bothered cooking!

There’s a cold store box outside the cabin which acts as your fridge. I used this to keep milk chilled for my tea in the morning but otherwise you really don’t need a fridge anyway!

Mini kitchen in Caban Crwn with a white sink, black hob, yellow kettle and light green cabinets

The toilet situation!

I’ve never been one to camp, largely due to the toilet situation (or lack there of).

But if you still like your home comforts whilst being off-grid like me, you’ll be pleased to know that Caban Crwn has full plumbing. This includes a flushing toilet and hot shower which is powered by a combi boiler.

Mel holding open the door to the toilet in Caban Crwn with a small white sink, small platform shower on the right with a green shower curtain and toilet on the left

The bedroom

There’s technically no “bedroom” per se at Caban Crwn as the cabin is all in one room. However, there’s a bed on a mezzanine level which you can access from a little ladder next to the front door.

It’s the perfect use of space in the cabin. Not to mention fun sleeping bunk bed style like a kid again!

The bed is not only really comfy but has these super cute port holes with a great view of the nature outside.

Bedroom platform with beige and flowery bedding with a circular window above the bed

Things to do nearby

The name of the game at Caban Crwn is relaxation! The whole point of visiting somewhere remote like this is to switch off from the modern world and chill.

However, if you fancy getting active, hiking and biking are great options! The downhill bike trails are fantastic and you’re within striking distance of the famous Howie’s Endero route.

There’s also a horse riding school next door where you can enjoy a riding lesson if you fancy it.

Mel looking out the window of Caban Crwn from the living room holding up her book which is Michelle Obama's autobiography "Becoming"

The local town, Machynlleth is only five miles away and offers a few shops and country pubs if you have a hankering for a proper Sunday roast.

If you fancy a day out, the gorgeous seaside town of Aberdovey is only a half hour drive away from Caban Crwn and offers a lovely beach and a string of shops and restaurants.

Mel running along Aberdovey beach with her arms out wearing a black coat, pink bobble hat, red scarf and boots

I was actually recommended Aberdovey by a friend as he does a lot of water sports here in the summer. They offer loads of activities, including: sailing, canoeing, sailboarding and water-skiing!

In the winter it’s a little quieter but is still beautiful. But I’m one of those people who just loves being by the sea no matter what time of year it is! I always find it so relaxing whatever the weather!

Mel sat on a bench in front of candy coloured houses in Aberdovey

The price

Caban Crwn starts from £85 a night but you have to book a minimum of two nights.

This being said, I don’t think you could appreciate the full experience of the cabin in just one night.

By having a second night it gives you more time to explore outside the cabin and nearby areas.

Mel taking a selfie wearing a pink bobble hat with a stream and green trees in the background

Final thoughts

I absolutely loved this cabin with its quirky design and serene surroundings.

I would highly recommend it and would definitely stay again!

If you’re looking for a peaceful, countryside getaway with all the comforts of home without all the distraction, Caban Crwn is the perfect off-grid weekender for you!

Mel smiling holding a black spotted mug, sat outside Caban Crwn on green lawn furniture wearing a pink bobble hat, dinosaur jumper, jeans and snow boots

For more on Caban Crwn, check out my YouTube video review and tour:

Do you enjoy being off-grid like at Caban Crwn? Tell me about some of your off-grid stays in the comments below! 😊

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