Review of Zip World Velocity 2: The fastest zipline in the world!

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Review of Zip World Velocity 2: The fastest zipline in the world!

Do you know what sucks about flying on a zipline straight over a cliff at 100mph, 500 feet above the largest man-made hole in the world with spectacular views all the way to Ireland? Erm yeah – nothing! Want to know more about what’s it’s like to go on the FASTEST zipline in the world? Here’s my review of Zip World Velocity 2!

What is Zip World?

Zip World specialises in outdoor adventure activities in the heart of the Snowdonia mountain range in Wales.

They have four sites in Wales with activities ranging from ziplining and cave trampolining to rock climbing and outdoor go karting.

However, one of their biggest draws is their epic ziplining experiences!

Mel in front of the Zip World Slate sign dressed in her zipline suit and helmet ready to go

What is Velocity 2?

Zip World Velocity 2 is the fastest zipline in the world and the longest in Europe!

It’s one of Zip World’s most popular adventure activity and features four parallel lines that span almost a mile, 500 feet above the beautiful blue water of Penrhyn Quarry Lake.

How long does it take to go on Velocity 2?

It only takes about 60 seconds to zipline down Velocity 2. You actually fly down so quickly, you don’t have time to register any fear – it’s pure exhilaration from start to finish!

Dark clouds above Penrhyn Quarry

What’s it like to go on Velocity 2?

Flying down the fastest zipline in the world is one those once-in-a-lifetime things that you just need to experience for yourself!

Velocity 2 is one of the most exhilarating experiences you’ll ever have and is the closest thing to raw, high-speed flying!

At the top of Penrhyn Quarry you feel like you’re at the top of the world, looking out over the spectacular mountain views as you zipline down.

How fast is Velocity 2?

You can reach speeds of up to 125mph on Velocity 2 (wowza!).

View of mountains from the top of the Penrhyn Quarry as Mel goes down the zipline in a red suit and helmet

What do you get with a Zip World Velocity 2 ticket?

With your Zip World Velocity 2 ticket, you actually get three experiences. One flight on the “Little Zipper”, a brief tour by truck up to the top of the slate quarry and of course – Velocity 2!

What’s the ‘Little Zipper’?

The ‘Little Zipper’ is Zip World’s smaller zipline and is a sort of “warm up” to familiarise people with safety procedures and get them ready for Velocity 2.

Penrhyn Quarry Lake
Photo credit

What’s the ‘Little Zipper’ like?

The ‘Little Zipper’ is a great initial buzz but because it’s so short, you don’t have much time to get scared, which is preferable as a warm-up.

I must say though, with so many trees below the zipline, you can’t really see the ground so strangely you don’t actually feel nervous once you’re on the zipline.

Little Zipper zipline at Zip World in Snowdon
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How do I get to zip world velocity 2?

The easiest way to get to Velocity 2 is by car. However, you can easily reach Zip World by public transport.

The nearest train station is Banger, North Wales and from there you can take a 15 minute taxi to Penrhyn Quarry.

But just to pre-warn you, the taxis aren’t cheap! You’ll be looking at £50+ for a lift to and from the station.

However, this is far cheaper than hiring a car for the day and buying petrol if you don’t drive or have a car.

I would also recommend spending some time in Bangor as it’s a beautiful little city to stop over in if you’re looking to climb Snowdon.

Mel posing on the Bangor Pier on a windy day with mountains in the background
A beautiful mountai view from Bangor Pier

What should I wear to go ziplining?

I would recommend comfy but fitted clothes as you’ll be required to put a ziplining suit over the top.

Here’s a list of all the clothes you’ll need:

  • A lace up pair of sturdy walking shoes such as hiking boots – the ground is rough and uneven around Zip World (being a former working quarry and all!) so you need a decent pair of walking shoes. Hiking boots are great because they can withstand all weather and have good grip which you’ll need when you are placed in the ziplining harness and put your feet on the bar.
  • Lightweight, waterproof jacket – no matter what time of year you go ziplining, the Welsh weather is extremely unreliable! Take a lightweight, waterproof jacket for before and after your experience.
  • Water-resistant sports leggings – this is my personal preference as I just like having the movement and breathability that sports leggings provide when doing any sports activities. You’ll also be able to slide your zipline suit over the top more easily.
  • Nylon/ polyester t-shirt – avoid cotton as it absorbs moisture so it’ll trap against your skin, making you feel damp and hot as you sweat underneath your zipline suit.
  • Mid-layer fleece jacket (or jumper) – you’ll also need a warm outer layer just in case you get a little cold or the weather turns. However, no matter the weather (even in the summer), it gets colder the higher the altitude, so make sure to take an extra layer just in case.
Mel in the Velocity 2 zipline harness wearing a helmet and goggles getting ready to be released down the mountain

Can I bring a camera on velocity 2?

You’re not allowed to take any cameras on Velocity 2, however video and photo packages are available at an additional cost when you book.

I highly recommend booking in advance to avoid disappointment because you’ll definitely want all the photos and footage of such an epic experience!

Check out my video below:

Final thoughts

Overall, Zip World’s Velcoity 2 has a massive two thumbs up from me – it’s an incredible experience!

I found that Zip World’s pricing was affordable too. Considering Velocity 2’s global profile and accolades, I think that the price is reasonable for such an experience.

Considering Zip World could charge much more, I like the fact that they are keeping prices within an accessible range, unlike many other tourist heavy destinations that would inflate prices just for having the fastest zipline in the world.

The location in Wales is also stunning and the perfect backdrop for adventure activities.

I’ve always had a fantastic experience with Zip World too, having gone caving with them and bounced on underground trampolines, which was so much fun!

I highly recommend booking Zip World’s Velocity 2. It’s one of THE greatest adrenaline rushes I’ve experienced in my life and I’m so glad that I had the opportunity to experience it (at home in the UK no less!).

It’s an absolutely indescribable feeling!

Mel next mimicking the Blue Slate Man Statue at Zip World

Have you ever been been on Zip World’s Velocity 2? If you have, comment below and tell me about your experience! 😄

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