Review of the awesome Living Room Treehouses in Powys, Wales

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Review of the awesome Living Room Treehouses in Powys, Wales

If you’re looking for a countryside getaway with all the comforts of home but in an AWESOME treehouse, the Living Room Treehouses is the place for you! In this review I break down why you’ll love a weekend off-grid in one of these cool treehouses, plus recommendations for activities you can enjoy nearby!

About the Living Room Treehouses

I’ll start by saying this, I have never camped. I can hear all the nomads and backpackers of the world collectively gasp, but yes – I have never camped!

But after reading a recommendation from one of my favourite travel blogs, The Travel Hack about a treehouse in Wales, I was intrigued to find out more!

As a former city girl that in recent years has swapped high-rises for hiking, these idillic little treehouses surrounded by woodland were right up my street!

I immediately wanted to abandon all my electronics and spend a weekend far away from the stresses of everyday life.

The Living Room Treehouses are located just a stone throw away from Snowdonia National Park, based on an organic sheep farm across acres of beautiful woodland in Powys, Wales.

Built with sustainably harvested wood up to 30 feet high, the treehouses are entirely self-sustaining with compost toilets, forest showers heated by wood burners and solar panels.

The craftsmanship of these treehouses is outstanding! With everything from the construction and interiors to the furniture and decorative elements being lovingly designed and individually hand-crafted.

Inside the Living Room Treehouse looking out through the windows onto the treehouse porch including the small seating area on the right which is the living room and bedroom area on the left where the bed is

How to get to the Living Room Treehouses

I don’t have a car so I travelled to the treehouse by train which took three and a half hours from Manchester.

Machynlleth train station is only a 15 minute drive away from the treehouses and costs around £15 in a taxi.

Luckily the owners were kind enough to pick us up and drop us off at the train station. But this lovely gesture isn’t part of your booking so if the owners are busy, they can’t guarantee you a lift.

Rolling green hills from the Living Room Treehouses estate

Not having a car means you can’t travel too far from the treehouses because there isn’t any public transport directly to the property. However, we weren’t bothered by this as I had booked the treehouse to relax and enjoy it as its own experience.

If you’d like to adventure further than Machynlleth you’ll need a car but I would recommend going by car just for the ease of it to be honest!

View of the dirt path to the Living Room Treehouses in the woods with tall trees either side


The treehouses are essentially one open plan room divided into four areas. The bedroom and living area are in the front and the kitchen and storage area are at the back.

View of the front of the treehouse at night with lights glowing inside through the windows


The living room area is made up of two cushioned benches set around a small dining table. There’s also a dinner table outside so you can enjoy al fresco dining in the tree canopy.

There’s no electronics as you’re supposed be enjoying your time off-grid. But if you’d like to watch some TV whilst you’re staying at the treehouses, I suggest bringing an iPad with some pre-downloaded movies on it and some spare battery packs.

View of Mel through the outside window of the Living Room Treehouses reading a book in the seating living room area

The kitchen

The treehouses have a spacey kitchen with all the essentials: a gas hob, a sink with running water and all your kitchen utensils like plates, cutlery and cups.

There’s no oven but the wood-burning stove can be used to bake potatoes. I made it super easy for myself by eating out at one of the local pubs one night and then making pasta on the second night. But really, you can get as creative as you like!

There’s a cold store box outside the treehouse which acts as your fridge. I used this to keep milk chilled for my tea in the morning but otherwise you really don’t need a fridge anyway!

The treehouses are self-catered so just make sure to bring enough food and drinks for the weekend.

Living Room Treehouses kitchen at night with two lights shining down on the side and a boiling whistling black kettle on the right

There’s no mains electricity in the treehouses but lanterns, fairy lights and tea lights will help to make your stay even more romantic and peaceful! As well as these cute battery-powered recycled syrup can lights above the kitchen counter!

Golden syrup can lights up close in the kitchenette of the treehouse

The bathroom (and toilet situation!)

There’s no plumbing at the Living Room Treehouses (staying true to the off-grid experience!) so there is no toilet or shower inside.

However, there’s a convenient compost toilet located at the end of your treehouse terrace and an outdoor shower at the base of the treehouse.

After using the toilet you just throw your toilet paper and a bit of saw dust into the hole and close the lid. It’s also more private than seeking refuge in the nearest bush on a normal camping trip!

It can be a little scary to head out into the dead of night to go to the toilet, so I recommend going before it gets dark! 😂

Terrace of the treehouse with a wood table and chairs and a wooden toilet shed at the end of terrace

The spring water shower is surrounded by wooden panels for privacy at the base of the treehouse. All you need to do is pull on a rope and let the water run until it’s hot.

The water is heated through the wood-burning stove in the treehouse and makes enough hot water for the day after just an hour of burning.

The fire also heats the treehouse beautifully. Even in winter you’ll end up throwing open the doors because it can get so hot inside!

All shower products provided are biodegradable and eco-friendly to ensure no harmful chemicals flow onto the land around the treehouse.

Roaring fire up close in the treehouse

The bedroom

All the treehouses come with a comfy double bed and fold-down bunk beds for little ones. There’s also a day-bed for a third child, if needed.

View of the side of a bed with white bedding and pillows on it with a view of outside the cabin's port hole window looking out onto the porch of the treehouse

Remember the Living Room Treehouses are fully off-grid so there are no power outlets by the bedside. Make sure to bring spare battery packs to charge your electronics overnight.

Bedroom area of the treehouse with white bedding and pillows

Things to do at the Living Room treehouses

The name of the game at the Living Room Treehouses is relaxation! The whole point of visiting somewhere remote like this is to switch off from the modern world and chill.

However, if you fancy getting active, hiking and biking are great options!

There’s a guide in each of the treehouses with all the different walks in the area. We took full advantage of the woods around us and went exploring, snapping pictures of everything coming in to bloom!

Clovers and moss up close in the woods of the treehouse

If you’re going to go walking around the treehouses, I would advise no matter what time of year you visit that you take a waterproof jacket and some wellies or hiking boots with you.

This is still Wales after all! It’s likely to rain and the fields can get slippy. Especially if you’re coming back from the pub in the dark!

At night you can stargaze from your very own hammock too!

Mel leaning against a tree in the woods wearing a black cardigan and red dress

One other thing to be aware of when you visit the treehouses is the wildlife…or more the squirrels!

We didn’t anticipate having a third visitor for the weekend but we made friends and called him, Cyril the squirrel.

Don’t be fooled by the cute little furry face though, this guy bullied us no end! He dropped in to say hello as soon as we arrived at the treehouse looking for food. Then proceeded to let himself in when we cracked the door open to let some air in.

We didn’t want to run the risk of making him sick so decided against feeding him. But seeing as he was pestering us without having fed him, we thought it was best not to give him anything so he didn’t keep us up all night running around on the roof of the treehouse!

Squirrel up close looking curious on the terrace of the treehouse

Things to do nearby

In terms of things to do nearby the local town Machynlleth is only 15 minutes drive away and offers a few shops and country pubs if you crave a Sunday roast.

If you fancy a day out, the gorgeous seaside town of Aberdovey is only a half hour drive away and has a beach, shops and restaurants.

I was actually recommended Aberdovey by a friend as he does a lot of water sports here in the summer. They offer loads of activities, including: sailing, canoeing, sailboarding and water-skiing!

In the winter it’s a little quieter but is still beautiful. But I’m one of those people who just loves being by the sea no matter what time of year it is! I always find it so relaxing whatever the weather.

Mel sat on a bench in front of candy coloured houses in Aberdovey

The price

A stay in one of the Living Room Treehouses is £379 for two nights for two people or £399 for a family of four for two nights.

Personally, I think this is really affordable when you consider a night’s stay in a budget hotel on a city break will set you back around a £100 per night. So split between you as a couple it’s just under £200 each for a whole weekend.

Remember what you’re getting for that price as well – a really special experience in a beautiful part of Wales with the novelty of staying in a treehouse.

I can’t reiterate enough – there are no stilts here – it’s an ACTUAL treehouse!

You’re not able to book one night unfortunately. That being said though, I don’t think you could appreciate the full experience of the treehouses in just one night.

By having a second night it gives you more time to explore outside the cabin and nearby areas.

Mel wearing a black cardigan, red dress and converse swinging an axe about to chop wood outside the treehouse

Final thoughts

All in all, we had a fantastic weekend at the Living Room Treehouses. We thoroughly enjoyed being relaxed and tucked away in the serenity of the countryside.

We felt right at home and I really enjoyed the experience of staying in our very first treehouse. I swear I’m working up to the camping!

The treehouses are so peaceful with just the sounds of nature and a gentle breeze rolling in. I couldn’t believe how much I didn’t miss having things like my phone, wifi and laptop!

I would highly recommend it and would definitely stay again!

Mel looking back and smiling wearing a blue dress and backpack whilst walking over the rope bridge which attaches the treehouse to the stairs down to the bottom

Do you enjoy staying in quirky, off-grid places like the Living Room Treehouses? Tell me about some of your off-grid stays in the comments below! 😊

Quick FYI guys – this ‘Living Room Treehouses Review’ post contains affiliate links to hiking products. I will receive a small commission for purchases made through these links at no extra cost to you. Thanks so much for your support!

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