WORLD VEGAN DAY 2024: Top 10 ways to celebrate and get involved!

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WORLD VEGAN DAY 2024: Top 10 ways to celebrate and get involved!

World Vegan Day is an annual event that kicks off a whole month of vegan celebration every 1st November! The event was established in 1994 by the former Chair of the UK’s Vegan Society to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the founding of the organisation and the coining of the terms “vegan” and “veganism”.

It’s a fantastic way for the vegan community to come together and celebrate the ever-growing movement but also inspire others!

If you’re vegan (or vegan-curious!), here are my top 10 ways you can celebrate and get involved on World Vegan Day.

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1) Go on a vegan-friendly city break

What better way to celebrate World Vegan Day than by enjoying a weekender in an awesome vegan-friendly city?

Exploring the vegan food scene, trying veganised local delicacies and getting to know the city through the eyes of the vegan community.

There are so many vegan-friendly city breaks you can take in Europe for super cheap too!

You can fly to most big European cities from the UK for less than £50 but I highly recommend Berlin, Prague and Amsterdam. All firm favourites of this vegan travel blogger!

If you don’t fancy heading abroad there are also lots of fantastic vegan-friendly cities across the UK you can visit.

The North of the UK in particular is a real underdog when it comes to its vegan food offering. I know all too well being from Liverpool and living in Manchester!

Check out my best Northern UK city breaks for vegan travellers post to get your planning started.

Mel smiling in front of Camden Lock in London

2) Sponsor your favourite animal

As well as a wonderful way to mark World Vegan Day, sponsoring an animal is a fantastic gift too!

I have a real soft spot for WWF after running the Manchester Marathon for them last year and they’ve got an amazing choice of animals to adopt or sponsor. Elephants, penguins, snow leopards, orangutans, polar bears, pandas, tigers, turtles – the list goes on!

All funds go towards working with local communities to protect wildlife and help restore their precious habitats.

If you’d like to sponsor or adopt an animal closer to home, check out nearby animal rescue centres and charities. Organisations such as RSPCA and Dogs Trust offer all sorts of sponsorship opportunities.

Panda sat down eating bamboo

3) Host a vegan food party

There’s a reason why food is such an important part of celebrations all over the world, regardless of culture of religion.

It brings us together, strengthens our sense of community and unites us in the name of delicious food!

So why not celebrate World Vegan Day by getting all your best pals together and host a vegan food party? Every guest can bring their favourite vegan dish and you can have one big vegan mukbang!

Throw in some themed cocktails and games and you have the joy of Christmas night without the stress and expense!

Mexican salad bowl with smaller bowls around it with different vegetables, nachos and dips in them

4) Volunteer at an animal sanctuary

Local animal charities and sanctuaries are always on the look out for people who can lend a hand. Not just with fundraising but with everyday tasks such as cleaning out pens, feeding and keeping animals company.

It makes such a difference to the lives of the animals and helps support the future of the animal sanctuaries.

What could be a more rewarding way to spend World Vegan Day?

Mel smiling whilst stroking a baby cow in a pen

5) Go to your favourite vegan restaurant

If you’re not up for hosting a vegan food party at home, why not get together at your favourite vegan restaurant? Or check out a new vegan place you’ve been meaning to go to?

One my favourite restaurants in my home city of Manchester is the family run Chinese restaurant, Ruyi Vegetarian House.

It does THE best vegan Chinese fusion food and is a real social affair as you can order lots of small plates that everyone at the table can try.

If you want to branch out further afield, open your Happy Cow app and search for places just outside your area that are highly reviewed.

You never know – you may not have visited a nearby town before but you end up finding an award-winning vegan restaurant on the Happy Cow map!

Mel eating a slice of pizza sat at a restaurant wearing a red chequered shirt

6) Attend a vegan festival

Arguably one of the best ways to celebrate World Vegan Day is with fellow vegans.

Eating delicious vegan food, shopping the latest vegan products and enjoying live entertainment and talks!

There are vegan festivals going on throughout the year but there’s something extra special about coming together on World Vegan Day to celebrate the growing vegan community.

Three girls sat with their backs to camera at a busy festival in a field

7) Watch your favourite vegan and animal movies

If you’d like to celebrate World Vegan Day but not in the mood to leave the house, why not spend the day just binging all your favourite vegan and animal movies?

Some of my favourites are Vegucated, Forks Over Knives, Blackfish and Seaspiracy.

Forks Over Knives in particular is top of my watch list because it’s what made me consider going vegan in the first place.

So if you’re reading this and not taken the plunge to go fully vegan yet, just watch this incredible eye-opening film. It’ll totally change your perspective!

Netflix logo on a tv screen with a hand and remote pointing at the tv in the foreground

8) Adopt an animal in need

I’ll start by saying there is (of course!) a major caveat on this point. You need to be sure you have a stable home and enough time to take care of an animal before you adopt them.

But if you do and you’ve talked it through with your family, then go for it! There are so many animals in shelters that need good homes and if you can give one of them a lifelong loving home, that’s amazing.

I can honestly say having dogs has been life changing for me. Moving around a lot as a kid I wasn’t able to have pets so when I started going out with my boyfriend and he came with two dogs, it was amazing but also a real life change!

I went from saying I didn’t want a dog to tie me down to googling: “how to tell if your dog loves you the most”.

I couldn’t imagine our family without them now.

Hiker sat smiling at the top of Dovestones Reservoir with her blonde  muddy cockapoo

9) Have an at-home spa day with all your favourite vegan products

When was the last time you treated yourself to a bit of R&R? If you can’t remember, taking some time for yourself to relax is probably just what you need!

Run a bubble bath, light some candles, put some spa music on and give yourself a facial.

Been saving all your expensive vegan products for a special occasion? Well, now it’s time to crack those babies open!

In terms of bath products, I love this pamper spa hamper by Nurture by Nature (one of my favourite vegan beauty brands!).

The pack includes eucalyptus bath salts, lemon and thyme bath bar bombs, lemongrass and ginger soap (which smells incredible!) and zesty citrus moisturiser – all your go-to spa needs in one box.

LUSH cosmetics is also a big favourite of mine, I always appreciate a bath set from LUSH for Christmas and save it for best use over the year!

Other at-home spa goodies I’d highly recommend are:

  • YMing aromatherapy candles – these vegan soy candles smell glorious and come in convenient travel tins so you can take your relaxation on the road which is perfect for us travellers!
  • Go Vegan face masks – fantastically affordable face masks that smell amazing and leave your skin brighter from the vitamins and superfoods incorporated into the mask formula.
  • Quartz face roller – for use after your facial to help reduce stress, inflammation and puffiness and sooth irritated skin.
  • Bath caddy – handy to rest a nice glass of bubbly, candles, book and phone on whilst you’re enjoying your relaxing soak.
Close up of a bath running with flowers, lit candle, hot tea and stacked books

10) Share your favourite vegan content and spread the word!

I’ve watched the vegan community explode over the last five years I’ve been vegan. I can’t wait to see where it’ll will be in another five years!

I’m so grateful for everything this lifestyle has given me. One way that I’ve paid that forward is spreading the word through this vegan travel blog.

So, why not celebrate World Vegan Day by paying your vegan joy forward? Share content from your favourite vegan creators and organisations and spread the word!

For more vegan food and travel inspiration, check out my instagram. You’ll find information on the best vegan food destinations, vegan foodspiration from around the world and tips and trick for vegan travel and lifestyle.

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How will you be celebrating World Vegan Day 2024? 😄

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